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Running head: Club IT, Part OneClub IT Part OneRichard LawsonBIS/219 - Business Information SystemsMatthew Little3-15-2010Club IT, Part OneWhen most businesses are first established, they seem to go through phases of building up other areas of the business as entrepreneurs believe they become both beneficial and cost-effective. Club IT wishes to revamp their information technology resources to create a more proficient workplace. The mission of Club IT can be found on the business website and reads, "We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT" (ClubIT, n.d.). Club IT will renovate the interior of the building by developing 600 square feet of dancing floor, seats for 220 customers, a kitchen for appetizers and a bar with pour stations to attract professionals, college students, tourists, and travelers. The high ceilings and energy lights will provide a fun and energy environment (University of Phoenix, 2010).The business is growing quickly and the objective of the owners is to establish a regular group of customers to create a fan base and through word of mouth bring more customers in. The type of music available is; Hip-hop, Techno, and Electronic, which are all MP3, and will provide live music on weekends. This information implies that the business owners want to appeal to individuals between the ages of 21 and 35 as the primary clientele, to whom the music is most popular with. To update the information technology Club IT has both hardware and software upgrades available to both them and employees. Club IT Hardware and SoftwareThe installation of a modern telecommunications would provide a wide range of options such as automated response, conference calls, FAX, and call centers. The cash register is outdated and the use of a much newer model that is computerized and connected to a business network would help to determine what is being sold. A modern cash register will allow new staff to learn and easy use decreasing the costs of training new staff and speeding up service and in turn generating better customer relations. Computerized electronic cash registers can also keep track of stock and increase the accountability of goods provided. The use of a modern system will also show inventory allowing more accurate orders of supplies."The use of Bar Cop inventory control software can not only monitor stock more accurately, it will also show the most popular drinks allowing for extra orders on known busy periods" (, 2008). Bar Cop also sells software termed Point of Sale that allows customers to go to the bars website and choosing songs to be played, has credit card processing that integrates with the Merchant Warehouse company and is completely free to setup (, 2008)....

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