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Clubbing And University Of Texas Students (Econometrics Paper)

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ABSTRACTAdjusted for many other determinants, GPA, majors, academic classification, sex, ethnicity, relationship status, Greek society participation and the price of clubbing affects the frequency of going to the club of students. This result comes from a study on a survey that was conducted during the Spring 2007 semester with the participation of a large number of UT students.I.IntroductionA substantial amount of study on students has been done throughout the years, both by professional and non-professional ones. The previous studies were mostly about what factors affect the GPA and how GPA affects other factors. However, “students” is such a vast topic that many of its areas have not been adequately investigated yet. After several days searching on the webs and in the library, I found such a topic on which I decided to do a study. Therefore, this term paper is about the relationship between the number of times a student of the University of Texas at Austin go clubbing and the price of clubbing, the student’s GPA, majors, academic classification, sex, ethnicity, relationship status, and Greek society participation.As the number one party school in the US according to the Princeton Review, clubbing surely has an important part in UT undergraduate students’ life. 83.94% of the undergraduate students participated in this study went clubbing at least once in the second half of the Spring semester, from mid-week of Spring Break till the end of April. This large percentage proves that clubbing is essential to the entertainment needs of many UT students and we should examine it to understand the factors that might impact its frequency.In this term paper, I use Ordinary Least Square and Probit models to examine the data from the survey. The goal of this study is to discover how clubbing time varies with different prices and students of different academic characteristics.II.The DataI designed a web-based questionnaire to obtain information on the University of Texas at Austin students’ undergraduate grade-point average (henceforth, GPA), their majors and academic classification, their sex and ethnicity, their relationship status, their involving in Greek societies and the price of clubbing. A copy of the questionnaire is presented as Appendix A of this paper.I sent out 4200 emails to UT undergraduate students and invited them to participate in the study by recording the number of times they go clubbing and the average price for each time in seven weeks from March 15th to April 30th, 2007. 912 students accepted to participate in the study. On April 30th, when I sent out emails asking these participants to report the results, only 454 students finished the online questions. Of the 454 observations, 42 observations are dropped out of the sampling frame because of lacking data. Another observation is also left out because his age is 53, which is not a common age for a UT undergraduate student. Therefore, the final sampling frame...

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