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Clue Essay

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Whodunit? Do you have a clue who did what, where, and how? Based upon the popular Parker Brothers board game Clue and brought to you by the productions of Paramount Pictures, this movie has "drop dead" hilarity all through it. Was it Professor Plumb with the revolver in the library? Maybe how about Mr. Green with the lead pipe in the kitchen? In this 1985 comedy involving six unknowingly blackmailed guests, a butler, and their mysterious host, try to survive in a mansion full of possibilities and surprises. A web of lies, ties, secrets, and conspiracy throughout the whole movie will keep you laughing on the edge of your seat.The six guests, whom are all tied in with the government by either living in Washington D.C. or working for it, are invited by their strange host for a dinner and an evening they will never forget. The letter each of the guests received was their challenge to solve a "long standing confidential and painful liability" and an occasion to obligate murder.As the unsuspectingly suspects arrive, Colonel Mustard (Martin Mull) is the first who is somewhat dumb and oblivious to everything that goes on is followed by Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn) a rather quiet person and has a stringent personality to her presence at the house. Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan) the loud obnoxious type doesn't seem to do much else, but talk, Mr. Green (Michael McKean) has a knack for being accident prone and clumsy, Mrs. Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren) is always retorting with some sort of a sarcastic remark, and Professor Plumb (Christopher Lloyd) is too blunt to be anything else. All waiting for them at the terrifying mansion is Wadsworth...

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578 words - 2 pages of being jealous and also being naïve, we as readers should adjust the way we interpret the narrative.The first clue that we should not take everything the narrator says literally is the way he describes his friend Phineas as being pretty much perfect. In most cases, no one is ever perfect. I think that one reason why Gene now looks back now and sees Gene is perfect is because he feels guilty and partially responsible for his death. When

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1135 words - 5 pages Hitchcock’s own “Rear Window” exhibits a more liberal, postmodern approach that embeds itself in the contemporary consciousness due to the manipulations of its key conventional concerns, particularly the sleuth hero and the clue puzzle. In doing so, both texts maintain the core reflections of their societal context they were written in THE SLEUTH Conan Doyle’s detective Sherlock Holmes emerges from “The Hounds of Baskerville", through which the Holmesian

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1202 words - 5 pages preserves to worry about" (1240). Then Mr. Hale continues to say that "women are used to worrying over trifles" (1241). To stick up for Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Hale defends her when George Henderson talks bad about her house keeping by saying very firmly that "There's a great deal of work to be done on a farm" (1242). This shows what Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Hale share and the bond that they hold as being housewives.The men miss the first clue the women

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1138 words - 5 pages later he asked the judge if he could have an attorney for his trial. The judge denied him the right to have an attorney. He said that the state of Florida only gives attorneys to those that commit a serious crime such as murder. Gideon would have to defend himself in this trial. This is unfair because Gideon has no clue of the questions to ask or even how to ask the questions.The prosecution proves absolutely nothing with the testimony of Lester

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1186 words - 5 pages treasure but all he's been finding was clues. He and a group of about 5 men found The Charlotte, a ship that’s a huge clue to finding the treasure. He found a pipe that said that there was an invisible map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. His partner, Ian Howe, wanted to steal the Declaration but he said no so his partner blew up the Charlotte. All but Ben and one other man left with Ben’s old partner before they blew up the ship

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517 words - 2 pages Christie tricks you into thinking that you know what is going on when you really don’t have a clue.       This book starts out by introducing the two main characters who are old detectives named Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. Their Aunt passes away at a ladies home recently. The Aunt owns a picture of a house that is near a canal that comes very important later in the book. Tommy goes off to a secret convention for old detectives and Tuppence

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480 words - 2 pages have left in place a clue that could help us answer these questions. If you take the artifact home with you, or just move it to a different spot, you may have destroyed a clue to the past. Each artifact is not merely something to be held and examined; it is also a bit of information which, when taken together with other bits, allows us to unravel the mysteries of the past.      The past that belongs to all of us. It is

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650 words - 3 pages significance of the clues (trifles). The first clue was fruit preserves that were broken because of the cold. These preserves symbolized Minnie; surrounded by the coldness of her husband, she shattered. The second clue was the quilt. Because only the end of the quilt was messy, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale knew that Minnie was nervous not because she did not know how to sew, but because she killed her husband. "We call it - knot it, Mr. Henderson

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532 words - 2 pages Clancy LorellCask of AmontilladoThere are many elements in a story that an author uses to bring out a central theme. Edgar A. Poe is well known for using tone and setting to help develop a theme in his writings. "The Cask of Amontillado" is no exception to Mr. Poe's use of the aforementioned techniques to develop the theme of revenge.The very first line of the story gives some clue when we read "but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge

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