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Cluttered Earth Essay

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All over the world there are many different ecosystems that make up our planet. These ecosystems revolve around stability. Their stability is determined by the environmental factors occurring within the system. Among the factors involved there are many that we as a people cannot control. Climate, weather, and things like these are elements which we cannot mediate. However there is one factor which the human race has a lot to do with, and that is pollution. Pollution puts the factors of stability into a bind. It destroys habitat and resources for all living things. Not to mention that it puts a severe strain on our atmosphere. It also poses a serious health risks to those organisms that are operating survivors of the environmental battering. Since we as humans are the only organisms capable of recognizing these threats to our world, we are also the only ones who can put a stop to it. Pollution is and always will be a factor, our mission is not to eradicate it but rather to reduce the contributing factors and educate the population of their self-destructive habits. Negligence towards the earth's wellbeing is far from a new subject. Scientists in the particular field of environmental biology have always been aware of the earth and its needs. But not until the sixties did the general public start to become aware of the earth's distress. The bottom line comes down to a few major contributing factors: earth's population creates more waste than it can store, the production of CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons: aerosol cans, factory exhaust, car exhaust), and negligence of personal contribution. These three factors are, quite simply the downfall of the environment. With these factors in existence, a call to action of sorts is necessary. Through the reduction of personal waste and pollutant production paralleled with the influx of a major awareness program we, can salvage the earth.

The pollution factor reduction solution must be a very complex model. It has to have several parts to become successful. The entire three part solution can be broken down into separate sections. The first topic is personal waste reduction. Today everything centers on convenience. People are concerned with how fast and efficient their life is. From fast food chains to disposable cups and contacts and everything else, everybody wants life to be quick and easy. The truth of the matter is that we have no room to store all of this convenience. As we go through life and the disposable cat litter box is invented, how much does that contribute to your daily success? By becoming so petty we overlook the big picture. Why can't people instead do the opposite and overlook something as trivial as to what type of to-go cup they use on a daily basis? In theory couldn't all the disposable drinking cups that are used by restaurants be a universal recycled cup? Instead of the numerous to go cups in existence, we would have a universal 100% recyclable paper cup. No toxic ink printed logos or...

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