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Cable News Network (CNN), operating as a division of Turner Broadcasting which is a subsidiary of Time Warner, is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Currently, CNN has 45 bureaus worldwide and employ 4000 people. The go-to-network for breaking news coverage reaches audiences across the globe; 100 million U.S. households and 200+ million international households. CNN is rated third after competitors Fox News and MSNBC, respectively. Despite low ratings the company continues to make a profit thru advertising and carriage fees. Their brand of “non-partisan” news coverage is very attractive to advertisers. With the availability of multiple news sources, CNN is branching out from 24-hour news. ...view middle of the document...

S./ international program information and a running feed of the latest tweets from @CNNPR. The blog lacks information pertaining to tech innovations and other CNN products and services, though information is available on
During my analysis of traditional and non-traditional media regarding three different issues involving CNN I noticed a lack of response by the company. According to Patricia Swann’s typology of reactive public relations responses CNN mostly adheres to strategic inaction but will also utilize defensive response strategies (Swann, 114-115). Jeff Zucker, president of CNN worldwide, is the spokesperson for CNN. He will address topics pertaining to programming by stating the company’s strategies to adapt to today’s market. Mr. Zucker is quoted in various media, traditional and non- traditional. But there is little to no response regarding CNN’s closed-caption issue. There is only a short statement explaining why they opted not to provide closed-captioning for their short video clips. CNN stated “closed captioning can cause delays and inaccuracies and should be imposed, if at all, only by government regulations covering all news outlets,” (Bob Egelko). The issue is covered by traditional media located in California and legal media. I was unable to find coverage related to this topic by non-traditional media. Media coverage framed the closed caption issue one of two ways, legally and/ or ethically. Legally CNN is not obligated to provide closed captioning. Ethically...

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