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Coach Essay

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Who is the Coach?
Head Football Coach Tim Flannigan of North Pointe School asked the football junior varsity coach defensive coordinator coach Robert O’Malley to move up to varsity the following season and become the defensive coordinator. Coach O’Malley had a very successful year with his defense against teams that traditionally were very strong in the past years. The varsity team did not have an effective defensive coach and it was very obvious that the current coordinator was not as qualified as Coach Flannigan originally anticipated. Coach O’Malley graciously accepted the position and began to plan for the following season.
During the initial part of the offseason, Coach O’Malley was very engaged with the athletes as he helped coordinate off-season weight training and conditioning. When summer arrived, it was time for summer workouts which included meeting up with teams to practice offensive and pass defense against other schools from the area. Coach O’Malley was beginning to build a bond and respect of the athletes as he brought intensity, enthusiasm and a caring heart for each of them. They were grasping the type of defensive expectations that Coach O’Malley demanded as well as implementing the technique that he coached them to play with. Coach Flannigan and the rest of the staff were gaining confidence that this upcoming football season would be a success as the defense was becoming the strength of the team.
Coach O’Malley was very excited about the ensuing season but knew a lot of work still needed to be done. At one of the summer sessions of offensive and pass defensive workout, a new assistant defensive line coach, Alan Valtree was introduced without notice from Coach Flannigan. The new assistant coach became available after he left his current position as defensive coordinator of another school who had a successful program. He wanted to enroll his kids in a private school and learned that the current program at North Pointe was looking for other assistants to help with the program. Coach Flannigan, was very intrigued by his credentials and thought he would be a great addition to the program. As the summer progressed, Coach Flannigan and Valtree began to build a friendship and started to discuss his credentials in more detail. Coach O’Malley began to sense that Coach Flannigan would like move Coach Valtree as the varsity defensive coordinator. Nothing was discussed or officially repositioned as the season got underway. At coaching staff meetings, Coach Flannigan began to look towards Coach Valtree to implement defensive strategy. It was very obvious to all that the head coach was making an indirect power shift in front of the staff and players without discussing why he was moving in that direction. Coach O’Malley confronted Coach Flannigan in what he was seeing and asked him why he was doing this. Coach Flannigan began to reassure that his position as defensive coordinator was safe and he was the leader. He then...

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