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In sports today, the stakes of a game are higher than ever. This causes all those invested in the sport to become on edge. Although this may cause some beneficial effects in the game, there are still a few downsides to it. One such downside would be the bullying of athletes from their very own coaches. That’s right, the intensity of sports causes some coaches to take drastic measures to make their chances of winning greater, even if said measures are detrimental to the confidence and mentality of their players.
Coaches bullying has recently become a hot topic since incidents involving Rutgers basketball, Rutgers football, and Miami Dolphins football. These happenings illuminated the ugly truth of the commonality of bullying. As people realized how often these occurrences happen with athletes both young and old, they started raising the urgent questions of how to solve this problem. As I looked into the problem more, I believe I came across the best solution: coach training and evaluation.
To come to this conclusion, it was necessary to research the various causes and effects that go along with these situations. For starters, I decided to look into the player coach relationship and how both are affected by each other. There are many theories as to how involved players and coaches should be in each other’s lives. One source, the Positive Coaching Alliance, takes one of the sides saying that coaches should attempt to maintain boundaries within the relationships of coaches and players. They believe that overstepping these boundaries, by doing things like interacting in social media or being alone together, could cause issues like apparent favoritism. However, Sandro Gamba, a former head coach of a professional basketball team, takes the other side and believes that coaches should stay more involved with athletes emotionally. He believes this should be done so that the coaches can maintain their roles as role models to the players so that they not only teach them to be better skill-wise, but also better psychologically. Although these are two largely varying views, both are just as viable as the other. But one thing they do have in common is that they both acknowledge the degree of impact a coach has on a player.
Athletes in any sport are required to maintain a certain level of skill, focus, and determination to remain or become successful. But above all things, they need to maintain a high level of confidence. Every player in every game makes mistakes, but the ones that are most successful are the ones that accept failure as a part of the game and are able to move past it to maintain confidence (Coffey). Delice Coffey, using quotes and experiences from professional basketball players, stresses the fact that confidence is key and that as long as one has high levels of confidence, they should exceed in their sport. Dr. Patrick Cohn, a sports psychologist, agrees with the importance of confidence and says there are seven strategies to maintain this...

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