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Coach Carter: Teamwork Essay

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Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. Any group of people could form “teams”, but when you form a group where everyone can work together and teach each other things such as self-respect and self-confidence, you have teamwork. When everyone is struggling, why not help each other out? Coach Ken Carter in demand of respect and commitment transforms a group of teenage boys into a group of young men in the movie Coach Carter. The fact that Coach Carter had transformed this group of boys is not why I enjoyed this movie. My interest moves more towards how he transformed these boys. He taught these boys to value themselves not only as a team, but also as individuals. He also taught them to look at something more than the moment at hand; and look more into the future.
Whether or not we want to acknowledge it, what we do now reflects our future. And with the facet of education and future preparatory, I find this probably one of my favorite message throughout Coach Carter. First, Coach’s focal goal was to tell these boys that they don’t have to end up on the street, dead or in jail. He wanted them to know that after basketball they could do something with their lives. He told them “I will do everything in my power to get you to college and a better life.” Another show of explaining my interest towards the educational division of Coach Carter was how Coach was explaining to the boys how "This is a system designed for you all to fail,” when referring to the education system at Richmond High School. I had to really ruminate on this comment. Coach clarified that Richmond only graduated 50% of their class. And of that 50% only 6% go to college. He told them “you’re 80% more likely to end up in prison than college.” I see this as no matter what school, someone has the wrong end of the stick. Even at Hopkins where 98% of the students graduate; there’s still that other 2% that don’t. And until this day, I can’t think of a better quote that I’ve tried to understand and relate to more. Education was important to Coach, and he wanted them to know he wanted more for them, not only through basketball but through personal school studies also.
Coach had taught these boys something some people never learn throughout their entire lives. He taught them self-worth and respect. Throughout the story he asked the team, “What's your deepest fear?” But no one understood what he meant. When first meeting the team, Coach had approached Jason Lyles, a team player, when he was shooting hoops. “You, shooting the ball, what's your name sir?” He responded, “Jason Lyle, but I ain't no sir.” Coach then said, “Oh, well are you a madam?” As amusing as that was to hear, it pitiful how everyone saw someone who was addressed as “sir” to be powerful and respected, and the boys didn’t feel that they were to be addressed that manner. Secondly, some of the boys mocked the Coach when he first came. Coach taught them by not only...

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