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“The Coal Miners Wife” by Ben Shahn is a really great painting. The artist did a great job when he made this painting. There were a lot of things about it caught my attention. First the content of this painting is very well thought of. It takes someone who has a grasp of art, to understand the message the artist is trying to get to us. The painting tells the tale of a woman. Who’s husband has had died working at the coal mines. It is easy to verify this by the two men outside who have bought her the man’s Jacket. I also feel like that the message the painting was trying to send, was that too many men are dying in the coal mines, they need to find a way to make it safer.
Shahn was a great artist. He did an excellent job when it came to balancing the content, and form of the painting. The elements and principals of this painting are very well put together. The lines were used very well on this piece, and they guided me ...view middle of the document...

For example all the people that are pictured are proportional. Also the value of the colors, complement each other very well in my opinion they make the painting look more alive. Also the colors do an excellent job off adding emotions to the work. Shahn used the color red to represent the woman’s anger of losing her husband. He puts different colors on the woman’s shirt; I’m guessing trying to demonstrate that the woman is going through a lot of emotions. I have not personally seen the painting or touched it. But I feel like the texture of the painting is very smooth, because of how he uses the linear perspective of the lines. That make the figures in the painting look as if they were farther from me than what they really were.
The Design principals of the painting were very well put together. The unity and variety of the painting was real balance. Everything on the painting was well balance but I would have to say that the focal point of the painting was the woman. The lines and the contrast do a great job of showing this. First the lines bring you to her face, and since the artist created her face in just enough detail to where I could see her make up running down her face from crying giving me the idea sadness and grief. The painting is made well, and I would have to say the most impressive part of this painting is the media. The painting is made up of watercolors. Shahn uses these colors to create all types of different colors, to add toward his painting so it can look even more appealing.
“The Coal Miners Wife” is a painting that is about a woman, who has lost her husband to a coal mine accident. This painting means a lot to me, because my great grandfather died in a coal mining accident a long time ago. so it makes me feel good that someone is speaking up about this. Also this painting was made right around the time that American art had just begun getting noticed. So it is like one of the pieces of work from here that paved the way for other artist of the 20th century. Ben Shahn Is great artist, and did a wonderful job when he made this painting. I can tell that this painting was well thought of and took time for him to make.

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