Coastal Erosion Due To Climate Change In The Maldives

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There are many topics in today’s world. One key factor aspect in today’s tourism based industry is that of climate change (Hilery Chiew 2009). In this report I will be talking about the coral erosion of the country and how it affects tourism. Furthermore since the Maldives is such a tourist destination with the image of having a very big sun and sand life. In this case study I will discuss how the government together with organizations such as the UN can combat this before this loss in tourism progresses to uncontrollable lengths.The climatic deteriation of the Maldives has become a major factor in the economic downturn of the country. The economy of the Maldives is based predominantly on tourism, according to the UNDP (2008:6). The initiatives are mainly based on forecasting this weather change and what role climate change plays in this scenario. One must think about this like a mirror effect. By this I mean the loss in one profit means a gain in another. One aspect I did find, in my opinion, a plus point was the physical importance that this project gave to the coastal erosion. In a lot of other similar projects such as in India they are actually moving away from what they are losing and they are trying to develop other areas of the country in terms of tourism such as cultural and based more on heritage. In my view the ideal method would be to use these methods together so that the country would benefit in both areas. According to Randeep Ramesh (2008) the newly elected president in Maldives, Nasheed thinks that the 1,200 islands that dot the all the way up to the tip of India will soon vanish under the ocean. This is primarily due not only to coastal erosion but also a key effect of what has been happening around us for a long time, namely global warming. Another aspect that I did not find to pronounce in this topic was the role of global warming has been playing on not only climate change in the Maldives but also around the world in places like Fiji.I believe this is a valid...

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