Coastal Management Northern Beaches Sydney Collaroy To Dee Why Case Study The Geographical Processes And Human Impact (Involving Development, Beach Replenishment, Etc.)

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Year 10 Geography Assignment Issues In Australian Environment - Coastal Management

Year 10 Geography Assignment

Coastal Management

Collaroy To Dee Why

Chris Wong

The coastline is a major part of an Australian's life. There is over 30,000km of coastline, and with 85% of people living within 50km of the coast, the management strategies of the coast is extremely important. This report will investigate Dee Why and Collaroy Beach's coastal management and the subsequent consequences.

Dee Why and Collaroy beach are part of the northern beaches, located on the Collaroy Plateau, approximately 20km from the Sydney CBD. Dee Why beach is 1.2km long, while Collaroy Beach is 3.4km long, both located at approximately 33S 151E.

The geographical processes involved include marine and atmospheric factors. These consist of waves, tides, rips, currents, wind, and rain.

Waves are the result of wind blowing over the water. The natural accretion-erosion cycle is a geographical process caused by waves. The accretion-erosion cycle is caused by destructive and constructive waves. Beaches undergo submersion as a result of destructive waves, and accretion as a result of constructive waves. Submersion is where sand is moved from the visible part of beach to a submerged nearshore region. Accretion is when the sand moved during submersion is moved back to the visible section of beach. This is known as the accretion-erosion cycle.

Longshore drift is also a geographical process caused by waves. It happens as a result of a longshore current, occurring due to the angle of the wind direction. A longshore current produces waves breaking at an angle to the shoreline, which generates longshore movement. Longshore drift is the movement of sand along the coast, usually occurring within the surf zone. Longshore drift is a geographical process that is a major player in the shaping or evolution of a shoreline.

Wind is caused due to air moving from a high pressure system to a low pressure system. Winds can affect the formation of the beach as the wind can form sand dunes by pushing the sand back inland along the beach. There needs to be vegetation or pebbles to trap the moving sand grains. As the sand grains get trapped they start to accumulate, starting dune formation. The wind then starts...

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