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Coastal erosion is an area of large concern for the residents of eastern Australia. Two regions that are heavily affected by erosion include the gold coast and the tweed coast. Erosion is caused when wind, tides, currents, and waves move sand causing beaches to constantly change their shape. Rising sea levels, storms, and human impacts result in a decrease in beach foreshore, and if proper measures are not taken beaches will eventually disappear. The gold coast and its beaches have been heavily affected by erosion. Some of the largest issues that the coast is currently facing includes increased erosion due to the recent high frequency of storms, rising sea levels, and climate ...view middle of the document...

The second Palm Beach initiative is the Palm Beach Protection Strategy. Some of the main components of this strategy consist of the completion of boulder seawall construction along the coast of Palm Beach, as well as the construction of three offshore-submerged reefs in order to decrease the erosion along the coast. Another way to protect the coast is by increasing community concern about beach management issues in order to bring attention to the erosion. Strategy booklets are very popular amongst the gold coast, and aim to inform the public of the erosion problem and ways that the community can help. One of the most recent booklets outlines a three-point plan for gold coast protection. The plan consists of constructing seawalls along the coast, similar to the Palm Beach protection strategy. These strategies have created various plans in order to avoid negative environmental impacts and come up with solutions to work with current infrastructure.
The tweed coast is another area that is concerned about the rapidly increasing erosion. The tweed coast is under constant threat of wave and wind erosion, and extreme storm events due to rising sea levels. Kingscliff is an area along the tweed coast that has been of particular interest in terms of erosion. Kingscliff has had significant erosion and loss of beach foreshore since a large storm in May 2009, placing current infrastructure at risk. Most of the erosion in this area is attributed to an increase in large storm events over the past few years. Storm events deplete the beach of sand and reduce the area that the beach has to withstand erosion events. The beaches recession is also considered to be in part due to the longshore drift differential along the coast (Evans et al. 1982). Minor and temporary erosion protection works been constructed in the area, but these are only designed to provide temporary relief until a long-term solution is developed. The current temporary protection has resulted in further erosion impacts, making the need for immediate long-term management solutions necessary.
The tweed shire council has created a Tweed Shire Coastal Hazards Assessment, and with that a Kingscliff Beach Coastal Zone Management Plan will be developed and implemented. The Tweed Shire Coastal Hazards Assessment lists the main coastline hazards as beach erosion, shoreline recession, sand drift, coastal inundation, and slope and cliff instability. A review of the strategies within the Tweed Coastline Management Plan has also been proposed, particularly focusing on long-term solutions to the coastline hazards. This includes a terminal seawall, with a field of groynes as a short-term plan until a planned retreat for the long term can be executed. New standards would mandate that all new tourist and...

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