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Coat Of Arms Essay

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Coat of Arms/Family Crest Project

In a variety of regions throughout the Post-Classical Era, various symbols relative to those cultures represent the Hummel family through the themes faith, knowledge, courage, diligence, and unity. The Post-Classical Era is perceived to range from 600 A.D. to 1450 A.D., other names for the Post-Classical Era are the Medieval Era, or the Middle Ages. There is no specific year for the start or end of the Post-Classical Era, it is mostly an estimate. Many societies during this time used symbols to represent different ideas that they held. The theme faith generally refers to religious beliefs and ideology, ranging from monotheistic beliefs to Pagan ideologies. ...view middle of the document...

The dove relates to freedom, because a bird can fly wherever it wishes, with little to no boundaries. In Christianity, the dove shows that with Christ, one can be free, with endless possibilities on how to live . Since the book cited was about Christianity, the author was most likely also Christian, leading one to believe that the author could be biased; favoring his own religion and attempting to make Christianity sound more like a free religion. While Christianity is a monotheistic religion, the vast Pagan religion adopted by many Gothic societies of the Post-Classical Era was a polytheistic faith that worshipped many things other than gods. One of the things that the Gothic Pagans worshipped regularly was the sun. They had a symbol called a sun cross that reflected the hope for a new day filled with light provided by the sun . Another monotheistic religion of the Post-Classical Era was Judaism, though it was declining. A symbol of their faith was the menorah, a 7-tiered candelabrum. The menorah was, and still is, used in Jewish ceremonies and holidays, and there are usually several menorahs in a Jewish church. The menorah stood for the Jewish people’s hope of redemption because the menorah lit the way on their path to being saved . Throughout the Post-Classical Era, symbolism represented many defining qualities of a person, including faith, and even though some religions worshipped things other than gods, they still had symbols to reflect their beliefs.
Ever since humans started learning long ago, knowledge has been an important part of history, even in the Post-Classical age where not much was known about complex ideas, symbols for knowledge were important, especially to scholars. Universally, and especially in the Post-Classical Era when languages varied greatly, color represented ideas that could be understood by people of all languages. Yellow is seen as a color of knowledge and intellect, mostly because it invokes happy feelings and learning. In the Post-Classical Era, yellow stood for knowledge simply because that was the color that many scholarly people wore. The Mali Empire of Western Africa had a more complex symbol for knowledge, part of the Adinkra (African symbols), called NEA ONNIM NO SUA A OHU. This means “He who does not know can know from learning”; the complexity of the symbol shows that the path to knowledge is difficult . In the Western Hemisphere of the world, the Aztec empire was in decline during the Post-Classical Era. The Aztecs were a polytheistic people, who worshipped various gods and goddesses, one of those being Quetzalcoatl, the god of knowledge . Therefore, a leading symbol of knowledge in the Aztec empire became the image of their god, Quetzalcoatl. Since this book about the Aztecs was authored a large number of years after the time of the Aztecs in the Post-Classical era, the information may not be completely accurate, also because the author was not actually present during the time of the Aztecs. Knowledge...

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