Coats Disease And Vision Essay

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Coats Disease
Imagine an eye disease so rare, it is more common in males and cannot be prevented. Coats disease is a disease that causes a gradual decrease in vision in mainly males. It can lead to retinal detachment and vision loss. Coats disease is a very rare disease that occurs mainly in males; however, it is not hereditary. There is treatment available that can possibly cure Coats but, that is only if it is caught early on. Most of the time, Coats is not diagnosed until later in life which in that case can lead to loss of vision. As I researched more about Coats disease, I hope to learn more about this eye disease to understand more about what my son is going through. The three main things that I will be researching and discussing about Coats will be the causes, diagnosis, and treatment. There is not a lot of research done on Coats due to it being so rare.
Coats disease was first diagnosed by Dr. George Coats in 1912. He described it as retinal ...view middle of the document...

Weinstock, MD, FACS in an article on, “…often it is not suspected until a late stage when a child develops a cloudy white or yellow pupil due to the presence of a cataract or a retinal detachment. In a photograph, the pupil of the affected eye appears yellow or white, while the other pupil appears to be normal black” (Weinstock, 2014). Since this disease develops slowly, most individuals that are affected do not get diagnosed until later in life therefore, adapt to their vision loss. According to Carol Shields, MD and Jerry Shields, MD there are five stages to Coats Disease. The first is just telangiectasia which is just small blood vessels opening. The second involves telangiectasia and exudation. It is then subcategorized with sharpness of vision of the fovea. The third stage also includes the fovea and retina but, then goes into retinal detachment. The fourth stage of Coats is retinal detachment and glaucoma. The final and fifth stage is total retinal detachment. It can either be painless of very painful and can contain cataracts with phthisis bulbi, which is shrinkage of the eyeball (Weinstock, 2014).
Treatment can be very hard for patients with Coats. Especially since Coats disease goes unnoticed at a young age. Treatment for Coats is usually used to stop the blood vessel rupture. Cyrotherapy is one treatment commonly used to help with Coats. It helps by “freezing” blood vessels but that can only do so much. On occasion there is the chance that the disease stops progressing on its own or possibly reverses itself. This however is very rare. Since little research has been done, another medical treatment is using anti-angiogenic drugs, which help with diabetes, can help slow the development of Coats.
Coats disease is a very rare and unknown disease. Full treatment is hard to come across. Many do not know about Coats making it hard to fully understand and treat. If Coats affects one eye, a person diagnosed with this disease can usually lead a normal life with a little trouble with depth perception at times. Vision is a very important part of everyday life; when Coats leads to glaucoma or retinal displacement it can make the affected person completely blind in the eye and have to adjust to life with being either partially or completely blind in the affected eye.

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