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Krizia ChamCobalt 60Cobalt 60 is produced artificially by neutron activation of the isotope. Cobalt 59 has 32 neutrons (59-27) and cobalt 60 has 33 neutrons (60-27).Cobalt 60 has many uses in the medicine and the industry world. One of the main reasons Cobalt 60 is used, is medically by the use of gamma rays and beta particles emitted. Co-60 isotopes are to treat conditions such as cancer. Gamma rays are not particles but bursts of energy released after alpha and beta particles have been emitted. The gamma ray is highly penetrating and can be stopped by lead or concrete, and travels at the speed of light. Co-60 is also medically used for radiation therapy for implants and similarly as external source of radiation exposure. Cobalt 60 is mainly used for a therapy name 'Gamma Knife'. Gamma knife is a therapy which allows doctors to treat brain tumours patients because the scan is really precise. Gamma knife is a highly effective and precise instrument that uses radiation of 201 beams to treat the brain. Because Co-60 is very reliable on the Gamma knife therapy, it has been running for almost 60 years. The benefit of gamma knife treatment is that it is safe. Because the radiation falloff is very steep outside the target area, the surrounding brain tissue is spared harmful after effects. With approximately 40 years of clinical research 700,000 patients were treated worldwide, the Gamma knife has along, evidence-based clinical record in treating a variety of indications with fewer risks than open surgery in a single outpatient treatment session without general anaesthesia. The gamma knife is highly effective with 700,000 patients treated. Gamma knife surgery is highly cost effective and generally fully reimbursed by insurance. The cost for Gamma knife surgery is normally half the cost of open surgery, saving both healthcare institution and patient money. The treatment provides quick recovery, allowing the patient to return to their usual activities and lifestyle, and requiring little or no rehab services. Cobalt-60 undergoes...

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1214 words - 5 pages known about this program. Also, the development of Cobalt-60 radiation, or the cobalt bomb, has made an incredible impact on the treatment of cancer. In late October 1951, Dr. Harold Johns perfected the Cobalt-60 machine and it had immediately increased the cancer survival rate (“Dr. Harold Johns”). For the very first time in history, doctors were able to operate on patients with deep-set tumours without hurting the skin. It was the first major

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519 words - 3 pages Using gamma radiation from Cobalt 60 is used to sterilise syringes:Gamma rays, emitted from cobalt-60, are similar in many ways to microwaves and X-rays. Gamma rays delivered during sterilization break chemical bonds by interacting with the electrons of atoms, which would kill anything made of atoms (which is everything). And although gamma rays are highly effective in killing micro-organisms, they leave no residues nor have sufficient energy to


2118 words - 8 pages emitters are cobalt-60, strontium-90, technetium-99, iodine-129 and -131 Gamma: Like Alpha and Beta particles Gamma radiation is an ionizing radiation, although they do not have a mass or charge as they consist of electromagnetic energy. Due to this they are able to travel at the speed of light and they can travel thousands of meters in air. As shown in the diagram above a thick slab of concrete is what is needed to stop this radiation, either that

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1115 words - 4 pages the process in which food is made food safer and more resistant to spoilage allowing it to have a longer shelf life and to be in better condition since it kills disease-causing organisms and slows or eliminates those that cause spoilage leading to it becoming able to stay fresher for a longer period of time. The Radioisotopes that are most commonly used for irradiating foods are cobalt-60 and cesium-137. Food Irradiation has several advantages

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963 words - 4 pages chronic leukemia . In addition, John Lawrence successfully used isotopes to treat cancer patients , including his mother , who had inoperable cancer cases . After treatment, she lived another 20 years. For example, Cobalt-60 used to treat malignant tumors located on the surface of the body, and inside the body. For the treatment of tumors located surfactants (e.g., skin cancer), cobalt used in the form of tubes, which are applied to a tumor, or in the

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814 words - 3 pages first, 8 on the second, 14 on the third, and 2 on the fourth. It has a relatively average number of energy levels. The following is a list of the half-life for different isotopes. As it shows on the list it has extremely stable nuclei.Isotope Half LifeFe-52 8.3 hoursFe-54 StableFe-55 2.7 yearsFe-56 StableFe-57 StableFe-58 StableFe-59 54.5 daysFe-60 1,500,000 yearsDiscovery and Origin: Iron's discovery is unknown along with its discoverer. It was

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1536 words - 6 pages there is no way to verify or detect if a product has been irradiated, or how much radiation it has received. The logo is an easy label that consumers can recognize and identify on site.The first technology used in Food Irradiation is the radiation given off by a radioactive substance. This can be either a radioactive form of the element cobalt (Cobalt 60) or of the element cesium (Cesium 137). These substances give off high energy photons, called

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619 words - 3 pages : nickel, cobalt, gold, copper tin and limestone. The secondary sector is categorized with light industries such as textile, leather product was affected by stagnation in food produce and a decline in the textile industry after the publicly owned Cotebu industry closed, with inadequate electricity and unpredicted shutdown still is a major problem the country development and food processing. the civil war that took place in Burundi in 1993 that

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616 words - 2 pages that are effective against the cancer cells are taken. The third way to treat cancer is radiation therapy. Using high-energy radiation from X-ray machines, cobalt, radium, or other sources, cancer cells can also be destroyed or shrunk.When a person is diagnosed with lung cancer, several symptoms will occur. Some of the most obvious ones include a chronic cough, worsening breathlessness, weight loss, excessive fatigue, persistent pain in the chest or

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2602 words - 11 pages , adjusting the frame settings according to the image-guided localization, and then repositioning the patient’s head in the adjusted frame so that the tumor becomes situated in the center of the dome (Fig. 3) [9]. Figure 3. Fixation of a patient’s head in the collimator helmet for treatment of a right-sided acoustic tumor [10]. A gamma knife delivers radiation from 201 cobalt-60 sources placed in a hemisphere within the core of the unit [8

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1771 words - 7 pages crystals was added to one spot in the petri dish. After 30 seconds, this solution was again mixed.About a ¼ pea-sized sample of sodium phosphate monobasic crystals were added to one spot in the petri dish. After 60 seconds, this solution was mixed.One drop of iron (III) nitrate solution was added to the side of the petri dish, while a pea-sized amount of potassium thiocyanate crystals was added to a different spot. After 30 seconds, the

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660 words - 3 pages a) Identify a radioisotope that is used in medicine or industry and briefly outline its useCobalt-60 is used in industrial radiography to inspect metal parts and welds for defects, in gamma sterilisation of equipment and in gauging. In the area of medicine, Cobalt-60 is used in cancer radiotherapy.b) Describe how the radioisotope is made.Radioactive cobalt-60 is produced in a process called activation, when materials in reactors, such as steel

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1084 words - 5 pages blood cells. Cobalt 60 is a radioactive isotope that has a few uses in the health industry. An isotope is an element that has more or less neutrons than its most common number of neutrons (Newton). Cobalt 60 is a radioactive isotope that is used to treat some types of cancer. However, this form of treatment still causes hair loss and nausea. This element is utilized to help irradiate food if it is radiated, and preserves said food in this way

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1071 words - 5 pages production of red blood cells. Cobalt 60 is a radioactive isotope that has a few uses in the health industry. An isotope is am element that has more or less neutrons than its most common number of neutrons (Newton). Cobalt 60 is a radioactive isotope that is used to treat some types of cancer. However, this form of treatment still causes hair loss and nausea. This element is also used to help irradiate food if it is radiated, and preserves said

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809 words - 4 pages material. The most common radioactive isotope is cobalt-60 that is produced when structural materials, such as steel, are exposed to neutron radiation. 60Co nucleus emits two gamma rays with energies of 1.17 and 1.33 MeV. The purpose of the present work is to investigate the interactions of the gamma radiation with the new alloys by measuring mass attenuation coefficients for different gamma energies ranged from 235 to 2614 keV by using different point radioactive sources 133Ba, 137Cs , 60Co and 232Th, and comparing these results with the corresponding theoretical calculations.