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Coca Cola And Lynx Marketing Essay

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Coca Cola and Lynx Marketing


We have been given a work placement with a local marketing firm who
have accounts with a number of clients. Each client is engaged at
various stages in the product development process. We are to analyse
two products of our choice then propose and suggest appropriate
segmentation criteria, then for one of those products devise a
suitable marketing mix. We are also to describe how aspects of buyer
behaviour can impact on the consumers in the target markets.

Task 1

The two products we have chosen are, Coca Cola and Lynx male body
deodorant, for these two products we will recommend appropriate
segmentation criteria. The purpose for segmenting a market is to allow
the marketing or sales teams to focus on the consumer groups that are
most likely to purchase the companies product. If carried out
properly, this will help to insure the highest return for the
marketing and sales expenditures.

Depending on whether an organisation is selling or offering to
individual consumers or a business, there are definite differences in
what an organisation will consider when defining market segments.
Firms can break the market they are operating within, in to the

* Geographically - by country, region or area

* Demographically - according to the age structure of the
population, social class and income levels

* Behaviouristically - according to the nature of the purchase, the
use the product is put to, the loyalty to the brand etc

The above is what we will be analysing Coca-Cola's and Lynx's
segmentation criteria with as we feel that it covers all that is
necessary to carry this task out.

Market segmentation is very important because it can gain the
organisation a competitive edge especially today where markets have a
wide variety of products needs and preferences. Due to this research
Marketers can respond a lot more effectively to increases from
competition by defining customer's needs. By defining customers needs
the decision makers of an organisation can define objectives and
allocate resources a lot more efficiently.

Coca Cola and Lynx

More than a billion times every day, thirsty people around the world
reach for Coca-Cola products for refreshment. Their promise to the
consumer is to deliver the highest possible quality. It involves a
worldwide, yet distinctively local, network of bottling partners,
suppliers, distributors and retailers whose success is paramount to
their own.

Lynx values the total deodorant market at €38.4 million. Male
deodorant sales are growing by 5.0% p/a. Lynx dominates the male
deodorant market with a 52% value share, and with men now becoming
much more image aware these figures are sure to increase in the

A SWOT analysis is a useful means of...

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