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Coca Cola And Social Media Essay

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The company that I am doing for my social media tracking is The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage production company. They produce more than 500 different brands of sparkling and still beverages. Coca-Cola is based in the city of Atlanta Georgia and was founded in May of 1886. Coca-Cola is amongst the most recognizable brands in the world and was listed as the world’s most valuable brand in 2012. Coca-Cola currently has more than 3500+ products worldwide and is a multi-billion dollar brand. Coca-Cola strives at being the brand that, “Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun” (
Coca-Cola is very active in the social media world as well. They use ...view middle of the document...

They also connect with their fans on the page through interactions. An example is a post of making a video featuring Coke (Facebook). On Facebook though there is a general lack of interaction with consumers, they are more ad focused. If they do reply it is to a few and not too many.
I also explored Coke’s Twitter accounts and they several accounts for different countries around the world also for different brands as well such as Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and the racing teams. I found that Coca-Cola uses twitter to directly communicate with its consumers. Twitter for Coca-Cola is credible to since it’s the companies official accounts that they are using. People, who include @mentions on the twitter page often got response from the @Cocacola and @Cocacolaco accounts about including complaints, follow requests, compliments and general conversation (Twitter). Twitter gives Coke the ability to have two-way communication with its consumers. Other accounts such brand accounts mainly used for tweeting marketing messages, asking questions, and spouting inspirational quotes. I personally saw people tweeting about personal enthusiasm about the brand, sporting event such as March Madness with the #CricketWithCoke, and overall likes and dislikes.
Lastly an important social media Coca-Cola is involved in is Instagram. Coke post pictures and videos of various people, artistic landscapes, sports, and ads. This is a credible source since this is Coca-Cola’s official Instagram account. They use instagram to promote how people...

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