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Coca Cola And The Use Of Digital Media

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The Organization-related web site that I chose for my module 6 critical thinking assignment is from the ever popular Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola organization is a global company that utilizes digital media throughout its business model. As required by the assignment I have identified and located the following two examples of Coca-Cola’s use of digital media. The first example is the use of “digital media in advertising” and the second is the use of “digital media in its sustainability program”. The first example I identified in the Coca-Cola web site was the marketing and advertizing program that Coca-Cola initiated called the expedition 206. In this campaign Coca-Cola through an online selection process would send three young people to 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold. This group known as the ambassadors will attend different functions in each country and interview people throughout the year. The interviews will be centered on what makes people in these countries happy and promote the Coca-Cola product. The Coca-Cola Web site had a link that transferred me to an article by Ad Age Digital. (2009). Which stated “Coca-Cola is gearing up for its largest social-media project ever, one that will test its own internal flexibility and force a number of its global markets into the digital and social-media space” (para. 1). This expedition was documented by the three young people or ambassadors and also allowed personnel from all over the world to interact with the expedition members and influence their decisions on destinations to visit and people to interview. Typically an add campaign is centered on the written word, television commercials or online Spam messages. In this case, Coca-Cola used several social media programs for the ambassadors to maintain contact such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. This innovative process was a challenge for the communications team as identified by Ad Age Digital. (2009) which stated "The challenge that we put to the communications team was to think about the social and digital media space as a new venue for driving good public relations for the company," (para. 5). This type of advertising transcended the traditional one-way communication and incorporated not only two-way but face-to-face communications due to the personal contact that the ambassador team provided.As a result of this process, Coca-Cola did identify several problems; the advertising group had to work through connectivity issues and coordinate the travel, language and money exchange process as the team moved from country to country. The benefits of this program have not been fully realized as far as the product name recognition and sales. However, the Coca-Cola Company has benefited from the collaborative work of its global markets....

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