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For more than a century now, two major companies of soft drinks Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have been battling. Both companies have very long history in inventing, advertising, and selling their soft drinks.
The birth of Coca Cola began in May 1886 when the first coke formula was invented. It was invented by a pharmacist who lived in Atlanta, Georgia called John Pemberton as drink at soda fountains. The name of the drink “Coca Cola” was a suggestion given by Pemberton’s bookkeeper Frank Robinson (Bellis). Pemberton wanted his invention to bring him commercial success, however, Coke did not do well in its early years (Martin). The man died in August 1888. After Pemberton’s death, a business man ...view middle of the document...

Pepsi went bankrupt in 1923. Charles G. Guth, the President of Loft Candy Company, then bought Pepsi Cola. He reformulated it and after years of struggling, finally made a success of it (Bellis).
The term “Cola Wars” refers to the rivalry of soft drink manufacturers, the two major ones are Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. There are a lot of comparing between the two companies. In the beginning, back in the late 1890s, Asa Candler was already selling a million gallons of Coke per year while Pepsi cola was just invented then. In 1915, Coke developed its iconic contour bottle and got big name endorsements, Coke began to expand to Europe in 1919. At about the same time, however, Pepsi went bankrupt due to Bradham’s sugar rationing. When Pepsi amped up again and started it advertising and big selling, it was in 1945 during WWII, and at that time, Coke advertisements first started to hit televisions (Bhasin). Coca-Cola and PepsiCo continue to battle on market shelves, restaurants and the like even until today. Prices, new flavors, marketing campaigns, television advertisements, and celebrities have played important roles in each cola’s popularity over the years (BusinessInsurance). As social media gets bigger and bigger, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have both embraced the digital world. For example, Coke has 34.8 million likes on Facebook and Pepsi has 6 million. On Twitter, Coke has 391, 248 followers and Pepsi has 142,766. Today, Coca-Cola holds 42% of the cola market share which is a big lead over Pepsi that holds 31% (Bhasin). In 2010, the top-selling brands of soft drinks are Coke, which in the first place, Diet Coke the second, both from the Coca-Cola company, and Pepsi was ranked number three (Business Insurance). The beverage volume of Coke dropped 2% in North America in 2011; in the same region and same year, Pepsi’s dropped 6% more. Although Coca-Cola apparently has always held the bigger market share, at times, PepsiCo, with their smart and very aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns, moves ahead. Recently, PepsiCo has been...

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