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Cockroach And The Cricket Essay

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The metabolic rate for the cricket and the cockroach will be different when physical stress and temperature changes are present.The null hypothesis is that the cricket’s metabolic rate will be similar to (Blaptica dubia) cockroach’s rate when physical stress and temperatures changes are present.
The cricket will experience an increase in metabolic rate when subjected to physical stress similar to the response of (Blaptica dubia) cockroach. The cricket will also show an increased response as the (Blaptica dubia) cockroach when cold, hot, and lethal hot temperatures are applied.
Insects can survive in very hostile environments and they are difficult to completely eradicate without harming the environment. Studying their metabolic rate under stress might allow us to figure out better and more environmentally safe ways to kill them.
Materials and Methods
The Cockroach (Blaptica Dubai) was obtained from the laboratory personnel at UNM. The cricket (Acheta domesticus) was purchased from a pet store in Albuquerque called Clark’s Emporium. The cockroach was raised in an opaque plastic box that contained egg shell cartons. The roaches were in a room temperature environment. Every day they were fed dog food, vegetables and provided with adequate amounts of water provided by polysaccharide water crystals. The Cricket was maintained in a glass tank with eggshell cartons at room temperature. They were fed “Total Bites” once a day. Total Bites are gel food that provided them with both nutrients and water.
First took a cricket and a cockroach that had been fasting for 24 hours and weighed them separately in a tared container. They were fasted to ensure that the metabolic rate recorded was accurate because their individual diets could interfere with the final results. Recorded the mass of cricket and the cockroach, the units of measurements used was in grams. Next the cricket and the cockroach were sealed in a separate respiration chamber. Then the plugs were removed from the chambers, and the thermometers were inserted halfway into both chambers. The temperatures of cricket and cockroach chamber were 21.0 o C and 21.7 o C. Then a Qubit system was attached to each respiration chamber. Than a separate ambient CO2 bag was affixed to each respiration chamber. 5 minutes passed as the system stabilized before running the metabolic baseline rate. A baseline CO2 measurement was run for both organisms. The baseline CO2 measurement was run for 20 minutes, and the ultimate CO2 production was recorded for both insects. Then physical stress was applied to both organisms. The thermometers were removed, and the plugs were replaced in each respiration chamber. Then the chambers were vigorously shaken for about 2 minutes, and gently placed the cylinders back on the table. The shaken CO2 measurement were run for 20 minutes, and the final CO2 production was recorded for both animals. The cold environment test was run next. A big bucket was filled with ice....

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