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Code Of Conduct In The Workplace

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What do we think about when we hear the words code of conduct? There will be a lot of difference of opinions from different individuals, but I think it is basically what an organization expects from its members. Almost every organization, whether it be a Fortune 500 company, a small restaurant chain, bar, or even a fraternal order, they all have expectations of how each of its members or employees should act among each other and when dealing with customers outside the organization. Most of these principles will be set forth by an organization in their Code of Conduct which will most likely have to be reviewed and signed by you before becoming an employee of the company. Most organizations will impose some type of penalty for those breaking their set codes of conduct.

For any company or restaurant that is in front of the public eye, establishing a good code of conduct for all of its employees is no doubt and absolute prerequisite to having good order and discipline within the workplace. The company must protect its interests by ensuring the employee doesn’t do anything that is not in the company’s best interest and could harm the company’s reputation and business. General Motors believes that its employees’ private personal activities are not properly the concern of GM as long as they do not adversely affect attendance, job performance, working relationships with fellow employees, or the public image of the corporation (Snoeyenbos, Almeder, & Humber, 2001). Any business owner(s) must have a high set of standards and principles they believe in that they feel will keep their business going strong and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Most organizations will outline what they expect from their employees in a code of conduct. This code of conduct will be more than likely a written document by the company that will define the ethical standards of the organization and gives the employee information on how to handle certain situations within the organization as it pertains to ethics. Once these standards are in place, they must be enforced and understood by everyone within the organization form the CEO all the way down to the receptionist at the front desk. There is no easy way to define business ethics or code of conduct with one single definition. Actually it is almost impossible because it is constantly changing, there a number of complex combinations of legal compliances, guided behaviors and business philosophies that effect an organizations code (Treman, 2013).

Like most successful restaurant chains today, Chipotle has developed a set of standards in their code of conduct that assures it will remain successful. A few of their key components of their set code of conduct includes their “Integrity Statement,” “Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy,” and “Chipotle Confidential” (Chipotle, 2013). On this website, it is stated that if you become aware of a breach or violation of this Code or any other...

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