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Codes Of Conduct And Harassment Essay

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Everyone at some point or another has had an experience with harassment. Just take a little time to think about it. It might have been when you were young in school or even just last week on the job. Harassment comes in different forms such as sexual, physical, and verbal. Harassment never looks the same to any individual; because what is viewed as inappropriate to one person may be viewed as appropriate to another. We are going to discuss Codes of conduct have been adopted in the academic environment for students, faculty, and staff members to address many concerns especially those concerns regarding sexual, verbal, and physical harassment, as it remains a consistent ethical concern. Society has many questions regarding sexual harassment.Two major questions in today’s society: What can be considered sexual harassment? What is sexual harassment? Certain questionable behavior may be perceived as welcomed by one individual, but unwelcome by another. Society has been debating on what sexual harassment is for a very long time and finally came up with a definition for it. In Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (2004), sexual harassment is defined as uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can affect people of all ages, races and gender.Although, outlawed by many companies and schools, many have not created sufficient policies and procedures regarding sexual harassment. The Supreme Court's recent rulings are requiring employers to take actions that reflect their compliance with federal laws as protection against sexual harassment issues. Numerous large companies have already created policies against sexual harassment. When all members of a work organization or school become involved in establishing a policy, these issues can be addressed more effectively along with behaviors being targeted. Effective programs reflect good teaching and learning practices. They are informative, descriptive, relevant, and positive. To prevent possible sexual harassment charges, an organization must provide access to training for all employees and document their participation in and completion of the training program. Employees need to be aware that although the recent Supreme Court's rulings held companies liable for harassment by supervisors even when management was unaware of the incidents, they made it clear that companies cannot be held liable for incidents in which an harassed employee did not follow the company's reporting procedures or did not participate in company-sponsored sexual harassment prevention training ("Protecting Employees" 1998).Codes of conduct are necessary because without them women and men would not know how to identify sexual harassment without standard procedures dictating what to do if one is put in a situation where one would not feel comfortable being in with another. Sexual harassment has been overlooked by many and misleading for others. According to title VII Civil Rights Act...

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