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Codes Of Ethics In Organizations Essay

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We have to View the code as one key element in a broader effort to make ethics a priority at the organization to do a critical bridge for helping to put your ethical principals into practice.

Ethical codes are approved by organizations to assist members in understanding the difference between right and wrong and in applying that understanding to their decisions. An ethical code generally presents documents at 3 levels: codes of business ethics, codes of professional practice and codes of conduct for employees.
Code of Ethics presents the values that shape the decisions we make in engineering practice.
This Statement of Ethical Principles sets a standard to which members of the engineering profession should aspire in their working habits and relationships.
The values should apply in every situation in which professional engineers exercise their judgment.
There are 4 principles that should guide an engineer in achieving the high ideals of Professional life , as Accuracy , Honesty and integrity , Respect for Life, Law and the Public Good , Responsible Leadership ,Listening and Informing.
So Engineers would raise the safety, health and welfare of the society as it struggles to comply with the principles of sustainable development in the performance of the duties of the profession.
Engineers and offers services that are at the core of their specialty
Engineers do not make their statements, but are committed to honesty and objectivity
The Engineers play an active role in the affairs of each professional employee and client agents or trustees loyal and keen to avoid conflicts of interest.
Engineers are keen to build a professional reputation thanks to their services and do not compete with others in injustice.
Engineers and behaves in a way makes them possess the glory and the integrity and dignity of the engineering profession as they act ruthlessly with bribery , fraud and corruption
The rest of ethical principles are promise keeping, loyalty, fairness, caring, commitment to excellence , reputation and moral and accountability.

Q2. Prepare a brief report on a specific case from the public print or your own experience on an ethical problem faced by an engineer or...

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