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Coed Facilities Essay

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Coed Facilities
School is supposed to be a safe place for children to get an education and socialize with their peers. Can you imagine taking the safety and security away from not one child, but millions of students from kindergarten through high school? Well it’s happening on January 1, 2014, public schools will be allowing coed bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports if not enough citizens sign a petition against this bill. I think coed facilities should NOT be allowed in schools because it will create opportunities for abuse and bullying to occur and religious values will be tainted.
Abuse is a serious problem in the world and is scarring to the victims emotionally and physically. Abuse ...view middle of the document...

Boys could play on girls’ teams and get made fun of by other teammates. Frank Schubert says, “California already prohibits discrimination and bullying against transgender students.” Frank has a point. This topic has already been dealt with so why allow coed facilities and sports to occur. It’s unwise. This law will invade all students privacy and cross many peoples’ personal boundaries by having to share facilities and sports with the opposite sex.
Children that have grown up in godly environments with certain values to not encourage the transgender lifestyle, will question why the sin of homosexuality is motivated and all other sin in unacceptable. This idea would especially be confusing to young kids because they follow what is taught to them. Kids will ask, “Why is this sin being encouraged? Is it okay to be gay? Why have my parents taught me differently?” It is a complicated subject to discuss between not only kids, but adults too. It’s because the world has made being gay socially acceptable. Being gay is not right! Just like all other sin is not okay. All sin is equal just with different...

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