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Coffee Consumption And Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness Among African & Caucasian American In A Population Based Study

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There has been always an indication that coffee could be related in preventing cancer risk. Therefore, many studies were involved to check the accuracy of coffee and its effect on cancer especially prostate cancer (CaP). According to the article Coffee Consumption and Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness among African & Caucasian American in a Population-Based Study, there were two studies that examined the effects of Coffee on cancer risk; Meta-analysis and a report from the Health Professionals follow-up study (Arab, Su, Ang, Fontham, Bensen, Mohler, 2011). The meta-analysis indicated a protective relationship between coffee consumption and risk of CaP. The report from the Health Professionals follow-up study indicated that there is no link between coffee intake and CaP. Both cases did not observe and study the relationship between coffee consumption and CaP among African-American which they have a high rate of people diagnosed with this type of cancer. Hence, this study that this research seeks is the effect of coffee consumption on Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness among biracial population, African-American (AA) and Caucasian-American (CA). It studies whether coffee consumption can reduce the aggressiveness of prostate cancer among these races (Arab et al., 2011).
In this article the authors used a population-based rapid case ascertainment study design to precisely attract CaP aggressiveness upon diagnosis among AAs and CAs. The participants were recruited from July 1, 2004 through August 31, 2009 from two Southern U.S. States, which are North Carolina and Louisiana. In this study, not everyone was eligible to participate. There was a set of criteria that allowed people to be admitted or eliminated from the PCaP. In order for the participants to be admitted to this study certain criteria and rules should be followed. For example; the age of members should be at 40-79 years old, they should be able to comprehend the study review in English, they lived in private houses and not in any establishment or nursing home, they did not have any psychological disorders, such as psychosis, neurosis, or behavior disorders, and they had to have a strong body physique. On the other hand, members that were excluded from the study are the ones whom under the influence of alcohol, rigorously medicated, or have psychological disorders (Arab et al., 2011). Also, an open-ended question was required to be answered as a main admissibility criterion, which was “What is your Race?” Male membered should self-identify and respond as either African American-Black or Caucasian American-White.
According to the article, the study consisted of numerous nurses that controlled a series of structured questionnaires regarding background characteristics, screening history, diet, and, physical activity. In addition, two diagnostic tests “Gleason Grade” and “Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)” were applied to identify the level of aggressiveness of the cancer. For instance, the cases were...

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