Coffee Shop Business Plan In Thailand School Research Paper

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Data Driven – Literature Review – Business Plan
A Guideline to Starting Up a Coffee Shop in Bangkok
A Guideline to Starting Up a Coffee Shop in Bangkok
Data Driven Decision Making 584 – Literature Review – Business Plan
Etiopia Elisa Changjongpradit (316231016), Tiffany T. NaPombhejara (161150003), Mahdia Binta Kabir (161180002)
Stamford University
March 26, 2017
Table of Contents
Executive Summay 3
Intoduction 3
Types of Coffee Shops 4
Literature Review 5
Types of Business Plans 4
Heptalysis 4
Value Chain 4
Methodology 4
Biblography 4
Executive Summary
[Tiffany T. NaPombhejara (1611050003), Etiopia Elisa Changjongpradit (316231016)]
The numbers of coffee shops in Thailand now has risen rapidly the past 5 years especially around Bangkok metropolitan area. Despite having many competition, our group has decided to continue with our research of creating a solid framework of research for the coffee shop market and to creating a business plan.
The tools we would use to learn more about our competitors specifically in the Bangkok Metropolitan area are:
1. SCOT: Quite like SWAT analysis but it focuses more 4 main factors of the business; Strength (what makes us different from other coffee shops around the near or surrounding areas), Challenges (listing down the challenges we would face on the first setting up the business, once the business is running, etc.), Opportunity (ways we could exploit to be above our competitors) and Threat (the biggest obstacle we would face in the long run).
2. Heptalysis: With this analysis, it will allow us to go through the beginning stage of business planning by looking at the Market opportunity, Product, Execution plans, Financial, Human capital, Potential returns and Margin of safety.
3. Value Chain Analysis: VCA is a process where a business identifies its primary and support activities that add value to its final product and then analyze these activities to reduce costs or increase differentiation.
Research questions: Is Bangkok regarded as a potential market for coffee? Concerning the concept/style of coffee shop, what could we successfully operate in the market?
To achieve the mentioned objectives and answer research questions, the following sub questions are addressed:
Who are current players in coffee market now?
Who are potential customers?
Who are target customers of the shop?
Who are reliable suppliers?
What are the trends of coffee shop’s concepts?
How large is the required investment?
[Tiffany T. NaPombhejara (1611050003), Etiopia Elisa Changjongpradit (316231016)]
Why do people love coffee? What is it that makes this ancient bean so unique and part of cultures around the world. Originated from Ethiopia, the bean has traveled the world, integrated into many cultures and now creating billions of jobs and currently becoming one of the most successful industry. The numbers of coffee shops in Thailand now has risen rapidly the past 5 years especially around Bangkok metropolitan area....

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