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Cognitive Development in ChildrenPiaget suggests that children prior to the age of seven develop an objective moral orientation. They tend to evaluate the good or bad actions on the basis of the consequences of the actions (good or bad). At about the age seven, children develop a subjective moral orientation which involves evaluation of behavior in terms of whether the intentions were good or bad.This investigational method is used to determine whether children under the age of seven have objective moral reasoning; along with, if children about the age of seven have subjective moral reasoning.MethodSubjects:The subjects were children from 1990 to 1995 between the ages of three to 11.Apparatus:Some sets of three sample story pairs were used for this experiment, along with a rating sheet, to record the responses from the children.Story Pair One:A. A girl (boy) who is named Susan (Jim) is in her (his) room. She (he) is called to dinner. She (he) starts to go into the dining room, but behind the door there is a chair: On the chair is a tray with 15 cups on it. Susan (Jim) doesn't know that all of this is behind the door. She (he) pushes on the door, the door knocks against the tray, and bang, goes the 15 cups! They are all broken.B. A girl (boy) named Mary (Robert) wants to get some candies. But her (his) mother tells her (him) that she (he) can't have any more candies, and she (he) leaves. But Mary (Robert) wants a candy, so she (he) climbs up on a chair and reaches up to the shelf. But she (he) knocks over one cup and it falls on the floor and breaks!Story Pair Two:A. Sarah (Kenny) was playing on her (his) swing in the back yard. Her brother (his sister) was also playing in the back yard. He (she) decided to go over to the sandbox to play. As he (she) walked by the swing, Sarah (Kenny) tried to kick him (her) but misses.B. Pauline (Billy) was watching TV. Her brother (his sister) was playing nearby. She (he) hears her (his) friends playing outside and gets up to run outside and play with them. As she (he) is running she (he) bumps into her brother (his sister). He (she) falls down, his (her) nose begins to bleed, and he...

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