Cogntive Behavior On Schitzophrenic Patients Essay

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To assess the effect of cognitive behaviour therapy on schizophrenic patients.

to study the effect of CBT on overall psychological , social and occupational functioning of the schizophrenic patient.

There will be a significant change in the psychological , social and occupational functioning of the patient.

Treating schizophrenia with CBT is challenging . The disorder usually requires medication first But research has shown that CBT as an add on to medication , can help a patient cope with schizophrenia . CBT for schizophrenia also stresses skill oriented therapies . Patients learn skills to cope with life’s challenges . This can help patients with schizophrenia minimize the types of stress that can lead to outbursts and hospitalizations.

Sample size – total 10
(5 male )
(5 female)
Sample technique is purposive sampling.
The age group will be from 18-60.
Sample should be educated atleast till class 5th .
There should not be any other physical or mental illness in the patient.

VIMHANS (vidya sagar institute of mental health neuro and allied sciences) in lajpat nagar , New Delhi.
Research design used is PRE AND POST SINGLE GROUP DESIGN.

GAF index ( it is a 100 point tool rating overall psychological , social and occupational functioning of people over 18 yrs of age and older).
GAF is included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders , fourth edition text revision in the section on multi – axial assessments.


Suitable samples of the age group between 18 to 60 yrs will be selected and their social and psychological and...

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