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Senior V. P. (Vice President)
Strategy Guide

Introduction: Well, you’ve made it. You’ve attained the cog suit parts by pie-ing your way through the factories, and now you’re ready for the toughest battle yet: The V. P. boss fight. This fight will likely be far tougher than anything you have come across yet, but with good gag training and helpful teammates, you just may make it out all right!

Note: Personally, I recommend you at least have a Laff Meter of 70 with each of your gag tracks having gags of level 5 or higher. Not only will it be easier to get a group with a higher laff and gags, but the chance of you surviving will also be much higher. However, if you decide to do the V. P. with lower laff and gags, expect to have some trouble finding a group, and especially have trouble getting out alive unless you have the aid of higher-laff toons.

Now, before you enter the Sellbot Towers lobby, look over this checklist so you do not waste anytime:

Pre-V. P. Battle Checklist:

 Make sure you have stocked up on gags that can deal a good amount of damage and will actually contribute to the battle.
 Don’t forget: Make sure you have enough Merits to hop aboard the elevator. It is not necessary to clog-up the already full Sellbot Towers lobby without having enough Merits to even fight the V. P. and it will simply bother other players.
 Is your Laff-Meter healed up all the way? If you want to remain friends with your teammates, you better get that thing filled all the way up. Simply take a visit back to the playground and grab some treasures until you are completely filled up. A well-trained doodle with high-laff tricks would also help make it a faster process.
 Remember the golden rule: DON’T USE SOUND ON LURED COGS.

Now that you have completed the checklist, you are ready to go inside the previously inaccessible doors and enter the lobby. This is where you will need to be looking for some fellow toons to help you on your battle with the V. P.

How to Assemble a Good Boarding Group:

Step 1.

After entering the lobby, you’ll probably be saying one of two things:

1) “Wow, there are so many people in here!”
2) “Uh…. Hello? Anybody home?”

If you are saying #1, then I recommend staying in the lobby because the more toons, the greater chance there will be higher-laff toons to join your group. But if you are saying #2, than it would be beneficial to move your toon to a more populated district and try there.

Step 2.

When looking for a group, you need to consider the various types of qualities a toon can have. Look for specific gag tracks that they have that you and other toons in the group do not have. For instance, you’ll need toons that have the gag tracks Lure and Toon-Up because those two tracks are an integral part of the V. P. battle. If no one in the group has them, you’re going to be in for a rough time.

Step 3.

Check each toon’s laff and gags before inviting them, because you want toons who have high enough gags to be taking on the V....

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