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Coincidence Of Congenital Facial Lipoma And Infiltrative Lingual Myxoma In A Newborn Holstein Calf

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A one-day-old male Holstein calf was presented with a palpable subcutaneous mass, extending from the parotid to the orbital region, involving entire the right side of the face and a bulky flabby mass on the tongue. Histological examination confirmed the subcutaneous lipoma and infiltrative lingual myxoma. In this report, clinical and detailed histhopathological findings of congenital infiltrative myxoma are described in a newborn calf and coincidence with facial lipoma is reported for the first time.
Key word: Calf, Histopathology, Lipoma, infiltrative Myxoma
Tumours in calves, like those in children, are relatively uncommon. These tumours are interesting because of their occurrence early in life, indicating a probable congenital nature(Misdorp, 2002). Myxoma is a benign neoplastic process (Okamoto et al., 2002) of fibroblast or multipotential mesenchymal cells origin distinguished by its abundant myxoid matrix rich in mucopolysaccharides (Maxie and Jubb, 2007; Meuten, 2002). Myxoma is extremely rare in cattle (Misra et al., 1981). It usually occurs in adult or aged animals as solitary or infiltrative soft masses (Maxie and Jubb, 2007). In a retrospective study of 6,706 cattle during the period of January 1964 to December 2008, only one case of myxoma was detected among 586 tumors in Brazil (Lucena et al., 2011). Etiology of this tumor is unknown (Allen, 2000). Genetics, envorimental factors, carsinogenic drugs or miscellenous toxic substances are among the probable causes of this neoplasm (Yeruham et al., 1999). Tumors arising from subcutaneous lipocytes occur in all species. Lipomas are most common in dogs and may be multiple. In all species, they usually occur in adult and aged animals and are most commonly located on the trunk and proximal limbs(Maxie and Jubb, 2007). Neoplasms of adipose tissue rarely occur in adult cattle and are usually single and localized in abdominal cavity(OZMEN, 2005). The objective of this report was to describe the clinical and histhopothological characteristics of a unique case of congenital subcutaneous lipoma together with, infiltrative lingual myxom in a Holstein calf.
Case history:
A one-day-old male Holstein calf was presented to the Clinic of Veterinary College of Urmia University with a palpable subcutaneous mass, extending from the parotid to the orbital region, involving entire the right side of the face. According to owner statement, the calf was first parturition of heifer and delivered via dystocia. The mass was firm, immobile, and painless without any evidence of inflammation or edema over the area. This periorbital mass was elongating into the cavum orbitalis and caused extreme exophthalmia and lacrimation. The overlying skin was intact and mobile. The protruded tongue was larger and softer than the normal and there was a bulky mass with flabby consistency protruded from the dorsum of the body of tongue, making it impossible for the calf closes its moth (Fig A)....

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