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Cointelpro Was Necessary Essay

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In times of great terror and panic, the citizens of a nation must decide what they value most: their right to privacy or the lives of the innocent. Government surveillance is criticized, however there are times in a nation’s history where, in order to ensure the safety of their citizens, they must surveill the country for potential hazards that might exist in the world. The government-issued program, COINTELPRO--a series of illegal projects during the twentieth century organized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation--while heavily criticized for its unconstitutional grounds--was justified because it benefitted the nation during a period of upheaval. COINTELPRO is popularly condemned by historians and professors such as Brandeis University Professor of Sociology, David Cunningham, who asserts that the FBI counterintelligence program was only a form of repression that allowed for the government to suppress matters that they consider bothersome (234) This however was not the case. COINTELPRO was necessary because of the great social unrest, individuals posed threats to society, and creating operations that were beneficial to the United States.
COINTELPRO was founded by the FBI in 1956 as a government program for counterintelligence. The FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, was instrumental in the program’s creation. After the age of McCarthyism best known as the Second Red Scare, Hoover was concerned about the institution of Communism gaining popularity within the United States. This gave way to the creation of COINTELPRO. The program originally focused on infiltrating the Communist Party within the United States and then instilling disorder and confusion via numerous tactics. The program mainly used espionage to allow FBI agents to join these Communist parties in the United States. Once on the inside the agents would create internal dissension by means of making remarks and arguments that smeared the party’s image. The program was a enormous success, having cut down the population of Communists in America from 22,000 to 3,000 after seven years. . Finally in 1971 the Freedom of Information act was established thus putting an end to all COINTELPRO operations.
During the 60’s there was a counterculture movement within the United States that encouraged people to think differently, such as advocating for peace and love. Followers of the movement began to mistrust government power and doubt law enforcement’s authority. A great deal of opposition came from students affected by the counterculture. They protested the Vietnam War and drafting laws upheld by the government. Anti-war groups became increasingly popular and it became clear to Hoover that these social uproars must be quieted or the nation would face serious repercussions. He used COINTELPRO to target anti-war groups and create disorder within them. Hoover then took COINTELPRO’s achievements with disrupting communism as a beckoning to drive further with the operation. In the...

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