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Cold Fusion Essay

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Many doubts are still present in the world regarding bringing an end to fossil fuels reign in the world. Gas and oil have become the world’s biggest dependent. About 90% of the Earth’s energy resources are from fossil fuels. While scientist search for new ways to produce energy, some scientist seems to believe that there is hope in nuclear reactions. Physics may hold the key to our existence. Progressions in science ensure that we increase our knowledge in energy resources, like cold fusion, to make life easier. This paper will begin by discussing the ideas and concepts present in cold fusion. Then further explain physics and how some researchers and trying to change that to make cold fusion the future. This examination of fusion, as it pertains to physics, will examine tests and reports that have been made and will give the possibility of fusion as a renewable energy becoming a reality.

Cold Fusion

Scientists have discovered a source of energy that could continuously regenerate, clean and limitless, non-stop power. Does this sound to good to be true? Well that is because it is. Fusion has been expressed as the savior of the planet. Cold fusion has become every scientist fantasy. For over 40 years scientists have searched and experimented on the possibilities of cold fusion becoming reality. Issues surrounding energy including global warming, gas emissions, and an outage of natural resources, has caused widespread search for alternative energy. Cold fusion is believed to solve all those problems and more. Research developments have begun studies in alternative energy; cold fusion is becoming a frequent topic of discussion, as an unlimited source of energy. That sounds incredible! Current discoveries including Rossi’s E-Cat and studies at educational institutions are progressing our knowledge of energy production.

To understand cold fusion, the process of fusion must be understood. Fusion is when two particles of hydrogen atoms combine; fuse, together to create helium. It is the opposite of fission, which is the separating of atoms. Both of these produce a large amount of heat (energy). The temperature of the heat is millions of degrees, which can cause a lot of damage if not carried out cautiously. This is the operation that the sun uses to continuously produce its energy, which leads to the large amount of heat it gives off. In physics, Atkinson and Houtermans introduced fusion in 1929. Since then, physics have increased the knowledge that we know of about atoms. Our history expresses this through pivotal events like the creation of the atomic bomb and the Manhattan Project. Since the early 1900s, hot fusion was accomplished. Physicists were able to fuse atoms together by inserting energy while receiving a large but lower amount of energy than was originally put in (no net gain of energy). To contain the heat that was released electromagnetic coils are used. This became a huge breakthrough for the scientific community to just have the...

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