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Corvo walked the streets of Dunwall, which was a happier place now that the plague was gone, and the Lord Regent was out of power. Corvo was looking for a man by the name of Teague. He hoped that it would be worth his time, since he was just in the middle of teaching the Empress how to defend herself before he got interrupted. Everything about meeting this man felt wrong, and even though he tried to distract himself with happier thoughts, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of dread. Corvo let the feeling subside and continued walking since the letter that was sent to him had the marks of one of the governors of the cities.

After finding the man that had requested him, which was extremely easy since his posh and luxurious clothes stood out against the insipid crowd, Corvo and the man exchanged greetings. The man told him that no one would be killed and that he just wanted to observe. The man's explanation for this was that he had always admired Corvo’s work and had wanted to see it in person, so he could help the governor train their guards. Corvo humbly accepted the compliment and agreed to show him, but felt that it was strange for a man of his rank and stature to admire an assassin's work. The man asked if he could watch Corvo during the practice, and despite all the warning bells going off in Corvo’s head, he reluctantly consented. The man led Corvo to where they would set-up, as they were to snipe the target with an arrow.
“Where will the target be?”, asked Corvo, who was looking out the window waiting for a response, but when he looked back there was no one there.
“What!? Was it all a fantasy? There’s no way he could’ve disappeared,” Corvo thought, turning away and looking back to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.
“You’re right. There IS no way that I could’ve disappeared,” said a voice that reverberated from the room above him, as Corvo looked around helplessly and calmly at the same time.
“Oh, tsk tsk tsk. Did you really think that your time wouldn’t come? But trust me that it hasn’t come yet. We have some torturing to do. Oh, well that’s my cue,” said the voice.
“Please keep all hands, feet, and limbs inside the cart at all times. ENJOY YOUR RIDE,” said the voice again, then everything went black. When Corvo awoke, he saw that he was in a concrete room with one door. He tried to make out the other figures in the room, but despite all his efforts, he couldn’t see anything in the darkness. As Corvo listened in the darkness, he heard the cacophonous sounds of the machines used to distill whale oil.
“But that would mean--” Corvo said before someone interrupted him.
“--that your captor is Anton Sokolov!”
“Cut the act Burrows. I know it’s you. Also, how in the world did you escape from prison?” asked Corvo.
“Let’s just say that some of the guards AREN’T feigning their deaths anymore,” said Burrows with a chuckle. His tone became sinister as he leaned into Corvo and said, “It’s time to make a choice Corvo, and if you thought I was a...

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