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Cold Race Into Space Essay

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War is an event that represents the life and times of a state and how it is revolutionized. It introduces new factors that sometimes force others to join in the advancements. In particular, the new face of the ideological concept was brought up. The United States of America and the former Union of Soviet Socialists Republic engaged in an ideological conflict known as the Cold War from 1945 to 1989. It was a war that dealt greatly with the differences of democracy and communism. But the main consequence of the Cold War was also a time of great scientific and technological advancements. Both superpowers possessed highly destructive arms that induced fear in the other. This fear caused the Launch of the Space Race: a derby of government funded scientific advancements to take the human race into space. The Cold War fueled a giant step for mankind, which much advanced space technology.The rivalry between the US and the USSR for power and superiority preceded the Second World War. Both nations had unprecedented tension flowing between them. Among many were the financial and propaganda issues that made them enemies. These facts made a series of races, among them is the Space Race.The space program is, to a large extent, the result of the Cold War. During World War II much of the basic technology had been developed, especially in Von Braun's V-2 rocket, a missile that gave the basic process that defied gravity. But after the war ended, the world split into two major camps and the old wartime allies (US and USSR) became potential enemies.The main influence of gaining more inhibitors was the propaganda that each nation projected to each other. The Communists took over the Russian Government creating conflict with the Anti-Communist US.On one side of the battle, there were Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union and the countries of Eastern Europe that had fallen under his dictatorship. On the other side were the United States and its allies, Western Europe and Canada in particular. The free world feared the dictatorship of Stalin, and Stalin feared the nuclear weapons of the free world (the allies). This had then started a tremendous arms race leading to the development of hydrogen bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), along with many other weapons.For decades, each side developed more powerful weapons because the other side would be able to dominate militarily. Both sides took advantage of the captured German V-2 rockets, and their engineers improved on these German designs because of their thrust power.The most obviously visible part of the Cold War was the arms race. Massive and expensive militarization (expansion on military action and advances) movements by both nations involved caused a new concept of psychology to develop. Mutually assured destruction or MAD was the philosophy that "both nations had the power to destroy each other completely in the event of an attack" . This theory was based on three ideas. The first was that both nations had...

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