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Cold Shadows (Gcse Original Writing) Essay

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The shadows were lengthening now. I could see the sun slowly creeping down behind a mountain. In a few minutes the whole valley would be in shade. I shivered and looked round nervously, trying not to think of the prospect of spending a night on this desolate mountain. As I turned to look behind me a sharp pain shot up through my leg like an electric shock. I winced. I knew there was no way I could go anywhere. Even if my leg was fine, which it obviously wasn't, it would be dark soon. It would be better to stay where I am and wait to be rescued. How long had I been here already? It felt like hours.For what must have been the hundredth time I went over what had happened in my head. The horror when I realised I was on my own. Then falling while trying to run along the path. And now I was here stranded and alone. The sun had now disappeared completely and I was already shivering from the cold. Being careful not to move my injured leg I dragged myself towards a large boulder nearby. At least once I was behind that I would be sheltered from the wind. This simple task took me the best part of ten minutes. Once I had done this I set about rummaging in my bag to try and find something warm to put on. I only had a few things none of which would defend me against the conditions I would have to face during the night.The landscape around me looked like a desert. The ground was sandy and the only vegetation was the odd bush hanging on to life. There were no trees at all. The only other things were boulders of varying size, like the one I was sheltered behind. I could see the mountains silhouetted against the night sky all around me. I must have been the only person for miles around.By this time I was in complete darkness. I had begun to accept the fact that I would be out here for the rest of the night. This however didn't make me any less frightened. All I could find in my bag was a spare top. ThIS would obviously not be enough to keep me warm. I grimly put what I had on. The only good thing was that the cold distracted me from the pain in my leg. I looked at my watch. I was pleased when I realised that I had already been by myself for five hours. I knew however that this would be the easiest time. It was only going to get worse. This is when I realised. What if I didn't survive the night? I started to think about my family and friends back at home. I may never see them again. This was the last thought I had before I drifted off into an uneasy sleep.When I awoke it took me a few blissful minutes to remember where I was. The moon had gone behind a cloud and it was so dark I could hardly see anything. I heard a rustling behind me and jumped sending a shooting pain up my leg. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest. Even though I didn't want to I slowly looked round. There was nothing there. I decided that it must have been some kind of wildlife. Glancing around at the surrounding scrubland I began to realise just how ominous the mountain looked at...

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