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Coleridge’s “On A Lady Weeping” Essay

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Five Page Paper on Coleridge's "On a Lady Weeping" Love and Light, Looking Further In Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "On a Lady Weeping" there are many references to light, love, birds, and ladies. By analyzing these subjects the reader will find that there is a deeper relation to the sensory perceptions in this poem. The use of visual imagery gives this poem the characteristics that are necessary for it to succeed. With lines about love, light, tears, and nature the poem needs to shine as a piece of literature. If the imagery were not related so it would lose its focus and overall power. The balance of this poem also contributes to the imagery. Being fourteen lines and in rhyming couplets it is a variation of the English sonnet. All of these factors contribute to the sensory value of this poem. By showing that opposites in terms of imagery convey emotions with more emphasis, Coleridge's "On a Lady Weeping" will serve well.Such imagery and objects as stated above are generally given with gloomy language but here we find that light can convey tears and other such depression related ideas very easily. Light is the focus of the first line in this poem, and with "Lovely gems of radiance meek"(1), the idea of reflections forms. The mirror like action of light on a tear shows how even light can make us nostalgic or furthermore somber. Although the title of the poem conveys negative connotations, we only find thoughtful interludes that would appear to be reminders. If the reader were to take all of the connotations literally, then the idea of lightness conveying the pain the speaker feels would be close to lost. With many references to different birds throughout this poem, there must be a further meaning. Birds are usually interpreted as noble birds, bearing respect and love. Yet in this poem there is a further connotation that brings love closer to being a pain, thus showing this reverse interpretation again. The love is almost being carried away by the "pinions bright"(8), its wings holding the weight of love and its despair. Moreover the "winged Warbler"(11) is present, yet no joyous song is sung. It is there to try to grow stronger and move on, leaving only its feathers in its place. The many beautiful aspects of the bird in this poem should show how light and love relate yet the speaker leaves us with these somewhat complete images like "glitt'ring shower"(9) and "some winged"¦"(11). By doing so the descriptions bring a different meaning to the poem and its almost devious language. Love, one of the broadest terms in the English language does not help us to understand the speaker or his feelings in this poem. The idea of love in a positive sense would involve such images as a lover and happiness, yet only tears appear...

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