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Colgate Palmolive Company Is A Truly Global Company Doing Business In Over 200 Countries Over The World.

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Contents:·Situation Analysis·Promotional Goal·Promotional Strategy·Coordinated Communication Mix·Implementation & Control·Evaluation·ConclusionSituation Analysis1.Company ProfileColgate-Palmolive Company is a truly global company doing business in over 200 countries over the world. The company's core businesses are oral care products, personal care products, household care products, fabric care products and pet nutrition. Colgate-Palmolive is global No. 1 in oral care products business, particularly in oral chemical products such as toothpaste, 2 in 1 toothpaste, mouthwash and whitening products, etc., holding 20% of the global oral care market share in 2002. However, the sales turnover of the oral care products is only 32% of the company's total sales.2.Brand AwarenessColgate is a well-known brand in oral care products; the brand awareness is 99% heading Darlie by 4% and Braun/Oral-B by 6%. Apart from oral chemical products, Colgate is also a well-known brand name for manual toothbrush segment; Colgate is in the 2nd place next to the market leader Braun/Oral-B in the toothbrush market holding 10% of global toothbrush market share.3.Market OverviewColgate identified that there is a big price gap between the manual toothbrush and the electrical rechargeable toothbrush in Hong Kong market. The price range for the manual toothbrush is from HK$6.00 ~ HK$29.90 and the price range for the electrical rechargeable toothbrush is from HK$299.00 ~ HK$1,399.00. The price gap is from HK$29.90 ~ HK$299.00.Colgate also identified that there is no battery-operated toothbrush in Hong Kong market, the market leader of the power toothbrush, Braun/Oral-B, is only offering rechargeable toothbrush.Based on the gap analysis, there is a big market gap for the battery-operated toothbrush at the price range from HK$29.90 ~ HK$299.00.4.The ProductActibrush is developed and marketed by Colgate-Palmolive under "Colgate" brand-name with following product specifications-Battery driven oscillating toothbrush-Low oscillation angle of 25°-High oscillation frequency of 4500-Waterproof-Hard plastic casing-Move 150 times per second-Come with 2 Energizer alkaline batteries-6 months guarantee5.Target AudiencePrimary Audience-Young professionals from 18- ~ 34 (Female skew)-Primary manual toothbrush users-Low to medium household income-Inventor - those who want to try electric toothbrush but unwilling to pay moreSecondary Audience-Users of other rechargeable electric toothbrush-Travellers - they don't have to concern about the plug that does not match the main socket of different countries over the world.-Starter - they have less confidence on the power toothbrush.6.PositioningPrice position - The price range of the manual toothbrush is from HK$6.00 ~ HK$29.90 however, the price range of the rechargeable toothbrush is from HK$299.00 ~ HK$1,399.00. The manual toothbrush users are rather hesitant to try the rechargeable toothbrush...

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