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Collaboration Between School Leaders Participating Members In Education

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In the educational system there are several important factors considered in order to maintain the standards of practice as to create plans for development in every school district. It is the goal of every educator to elevate standards and create an environment of advanced learning; one that can accommodate more and more improvement as the years go by and the system enhances its platforms and practices. Collaboration between school leaders and every member of the educating community all play a part in the improvement of the system and to ensure the quality of education that is given to the students all over the country. This paper aims to explore these collaborative relationships, their occurrence in the school systems and the challenges that they must overcome in order to be successful in the achievement of goals and directives set every year. It is necessary to understand collaboration between school leaders and every participating member that decides on major school function and how each school plays a part in helping the school society perform its duties and activities by supporting each other.
There are multiple and complex reasons for why schools pursue partnerships together. Financial reasons, curriculum assessments, staffing and resource pooling, values and culture development as well as structure and policies are just some of the major reasons for collaboration in the school society. The manner of interaction is also necessary, as many schools have goals that are set for every school year. Many are burdened by the incapacity to provide for their own needs and that is where the need for collaboration and partnerships between schools and its member arise. Such partnerships may also contribute to a broader perspective, concerned with the effectiveness of the community of schools in serving student needs. Such links help in meeting organizational needs for support and resources, and help in meeting external accountability demands’ for example, meeting the government expectations for school performance and standards. “The organization and management of school collaborations is essential in maintaining the school system upright and adjusted to the fluctuating demands of the economy as well as external factors that shape the educational system such as technology, health, food and nutrition and so much more that create an impact to each pupil and stakeholder in the school system,” (Preedy, 1999).
Collaboration between schools is an experimental and highly planned system of interaction as each school is considered independent and can stand on its own values, cultures and standards, there are a few issues run over in the process of collaborating with other institutions of education. School leaders face an enormous task of unifying beliefs and goals with other school leaders and department heads in order to achieve a sound goal that all parties involved can strive for. This is presumably easy when taking into consideration one school collaborating...

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