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One of my first thoughts when attempting to write this particular chapter involved the absolutely unequivocal need for organizations to collaborative. Collaboration is no longer a function of maintaining a good image within ones community or the four walls of the organization. It is a matter of survival. We live in a time where instant connectivity is the norm, where multi-million dollar transactions can be handled from the convenience of your iPhone. “Organizations of the future will increasingly live in a world that is flatter, faster, and much more chaotic. They will need to respond in the marketplace before headquarters realizes the game has changed.” (Katzenbach & Khan, 2009, pg. 99) In this world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity leaders need to be ready to respond swiftly and decisively. In this new era organizations need the innovation that only collaboration can bring.
Trust is the Framework for Collaborative Relationship
Organizations need to foster an environment where constituents feel comfortable sharing their ideas. Leaders play a critical role in creating an environment where this type of independent thinking is encouraged. Leaders must give their constituents permission to rethink all aspects of daily operations and the power to recommend changes without fear of reprisal. (McKeown & Wiseman, 2010, pp. 117-121) This can only be accomplished if leaders have the trust of their constituents. “At the heart of collaboration is trust. It’s the central issue in human relationships within and outside organizations. Without trust you cannot lead. Without trust you cannot get extraordinary things done.” (Kouzes & Posner, 2007, pg. 224) Leaders also need to build a culture of learning into the organization. Rather than assigning blame this type of organization sees only opportunity to learn. “We don’t advocate for a moment that failure ought to be the objective of any endeavor. The objective is learning. Learning happens when people feel comfortable in talking about both successes and failures. It happens when people can openly talk about what went right and what went wrong. Leaders don’t look for someone to blame when the inevitable mistakes are made in the name of innovation. They ask, “What can be learned from the experience?” (Kouzes & Posner, 2007, pg. 200) One final aspect of creating an environment where inter-office collaboration can occur involves empowering constituents. Empowering constituents is key in order to engage in the instantaneous collaboration necessary to compete in the ever-changing global economy. Ultimately this type of collaborative environment coupled with trusting relationships will lead to a more innovative workplace. Most innovation occurs not because of the...

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