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Collapse Of Bronze Age Greece Essay

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The Bronze Age in Greece was a period of time in which their civilization flourished. They were a main power at the time and seemed to have everything they wanted in the palm of their hands. Many other civilizations have a period of time also known as the Bronze Age, however, the bronze age of Greece is widely known to be the most prolific and dominant in history. The Greece Bronze Age is estimated to have lasted from between 8th to 6th century BC to about 146BC. Nobody knows for sure the exact time period in which it began and ended. However, these are the dates that are most widely known to be accurate. No other civilization has been able to remain a dominant world power longer than this time period, which is why this is such an incredible period of history.
During this time, Greece saw major advances in just about every aspect of a modern society. They grew by leaps and bounds socially, economically, and technologically; among many other areas as well. All of these attributes made Greece the main hub of activity in the Mediterranean throughout this time period. During their time of power Greece saw three main civilizations rise within their social society. The Myceneans or Minoans are considered the first.
The Minoans are known as the first advanced civilization of all of Europe. This may be a strong reason why the Greece Age remained for such a long time. They created a great civilization on the Island of Crete. The second great civilization of the Greek Bronze Age was the Cycladic society. They created their society on the islands of the Aegean. They were considered a large contributor to the overall success of Bronze Age Greece. However, they were never as significantly important as the Minoan society. Lastly, the Helladic society was also a great civilization during the time. They lived and prospered on the Greece mainland. All of these civilizations came and went at different times throughout the duration of Bronze Age Greece. All of them were drastically important in maintaining the great power of the area during a time of such havoc and turmoil. Much like anything in life, all good things must come to an end eventually. The Bronze Age Greece almost completely fell by 146BC. There are a number of different reasons why the collapse of the Bronze Age Greece occurred. In the following sections we will discuss several reasons for the collapse of this once great society.
Possibly the most important cause for the fall of the Golden Age Greece was the Battle of Corinth. It occurred in 146BC and officially marked the complete fall of the Greek resistance against the Roman Republic. This was such a destructive turning point for Greece because the city of Corinth possessed masses of wealth. It was a main hub of activity and politics for the Greece civilization. The battle occurred during a time when the Roman Republic sought to overtake Greece and all of its corresponding states. Rome had been proving its...

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