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Collateral Damage Essay

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Have you considered what would happen if we acted on our own conscience and did what we thought was right? Think about the impact that would occur on others around us. The US has several groups of privatized military men that engage in military tactics around the world. Where collateral fallout and world conflict arise, the privatized military group known as Frontier Resource Group conducts military missions. Mercenary, Erik Prince, founder of the privatized military organization known as Frontier Resource Group, used his navy seal background and information obtained from the CIA to carry out his own reconnaissance missions. War-torn countries like Somalia, South Sudan, and central Africa are just a few countries that Frontier Resource group left devastated with the clear objective that Prince was a war profiteer. Erik Prince integrates his own military evaluations, war tactic, and analysis, to inflict harm and sell firearms to enemies in devastated war-torn countries.
Building roads and investing in airstrips for some of the poorest regions in Africa seems like a legitimate business turn around for a war profiteer like Erik Prince. Recently, Prince made a 105 million dollar deal with Citic, an advertising firm based in Hong Kong, for transporting equipment and provided security in and around some of Africa’s most dangerous regions. (Feith) His privatized military group, planned operations in specific geographical locations to restrict opposition and create a buffer zone against any perceived enemy. China holds the most workers abducted in Africa than any country in Africa. (Chen) China’s business and economic developments in Africa have left workers vulnerable to kidnappings and extortion. China paid out millions last year to free workers captured and taken for ransom by African soldiers. (Gettleman & Andrews) Mr. Prince says, "Critics can throw stones all they want," but he is quick to point out that he has "a lot of experience in dealing in uncertainties in difficult places," and says, "this is a very rational decision—made, I guess, emotionless." (Feith) Erik Prince’s words are condemning and enlightening on his actions in the future.
It is no coincidence that Erik Prince would have business operations in South Sudan because of the civil unrest in this rural area. (C-SPAN) Sudan’s natural resources such as oil and minerals attracted Erik Prince to this particular area. Sudan has no money or any way of protecting its natural resources, without any conflict prevention in place, Sudan hired Erik Prince to protect their assets, in exchange for 50% of Sudan’s precious resources (Strobel, Landay, & Neff). Prince’s actions led to firearms violations, and other import sanction violations. Blackwater, a company owned by Prince, settled in federal court on 17 criminal charges, and ordered to pay 42 million dollars in fines because of his broad outline of actions. (USDJ) Special Agent Jeannine A. Hammett of the IRS- Criminal Investigation...

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