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Collection Of Consumers' Data Essay

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Topic: Collection of consumers’ data by the private sector.
General Purpose: To argue
Specific Purpose: To argue why the private sector should be allowed to collect consumers’ data.
Thesis: The private sector should be allowed to collect data on consumers because: (1) doing so provides a valuable source of revenue for businesses, (2) it allows advertisements to be more relevant, (3) it would not conflict with the interest of those truly concerned with privacy.

I. [attention getter] Before you entered class, you were watched by security cameras.
A. Maybe the National Security Agency has already read some of your emails.
B. Every day, many businesses will try to gather as much information as they can on you.
C. However, is this really bad?
II. [Topic Justification/Establish Controversy] Edward Snowden’s revelation that the National Security Agency was collecting millions of emails and phone call information sparked a raging debate on data collection.
A. I will talk about the private sector aspect of this debate.
B. Specifically, whether the private sector should be allowed to gather consumer’s data.
C. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the private sector as “the part of the national economy that is not under direct state control.” (Stevenson)
D. Some say that data collection in the private sector infringes on privacy.
E. Others say this data collection is beneficial.
III. [Speaker Credibility] After researching this topic, I have concluded that the private sector’s collecting consumer data is beneficial and should be allowed.
IV. [Preview of Main Ideas] The private sector should be allowed to gather data on consumers for three reasons.
A. First, data collection provides a valuable source of revenue for businesses.
B. Second, it allows consumers to be shown more relative advertisments.
C. Third, despite the claims of some, it does not infringe on privacy rights.
[Transition] Let’s begin with the revenue for business.

I. The private sector should be allowed to collect data on consumers because doing so provides a valuable source of revenue for businesses.
A. According to a 2012 study by Professors John Deighton of Harvard Business School and Peter Johnson of Columbia University, the market for consumers’ data is significant to United States’ businesses.
1. The researchers examined 650 businesses to discover the effects of selling, buying, and exchanging consumer data, referred to in the study as “the market for consumers’ data.”
2. The study found that in 2012, the market for consumers’ data created $110 billion dollars in revenue for U.S businesses. (Deighton and Johnson)

B. Consumers’ data is very valuable to advertisers.
1. According to Linda Christiansen, a professor of business at Indiana University Southeast, advertisers are willing to pay a premium for data business collect on consumers.
2. In addition, selling this data often makes up a significant portion of a firm’s revenue. (Christiansen)
3. Twitter, a...

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