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Collective Physical Activities Essay

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If you are someone who takes part in regular physical activities, you will have noticed how every year when the New Year rolls around there is an influx of new members to the local gyms, clubs, etc. Every year people sign up for memberships that will allow them to “get in shape” for their New Year’s Resolution, with the vast majority of them abandoning these plans within the first few weeks or months. The cycle repeats itself the following year with individuals again committing to improve their physical health by going to the gym, again with a high rate of failure (Webley, 2012). While this may seem like an annual fad that will keep on repeating itself, that may not be the case. The purpose ...view middle of the document...

A fashion on the other hand is described as “a type of common thought and action which depends upon certain currents of ideas and actions running through a group. These currents are relatively impermanent and superficial; and in contrast with mores which alter slowly, fashions are highly temporary and characterized by a state of flux. Yet in their time fashions seem important and significant. They are a part of the social ritual. Fashion tends to last longer than fads and to disappear more gradually (Young, 1930, p. 552).” This means that fashion refers more to a populations’ thinking or beliefs at a given point in time. Fashion tends to be used as a social marker between classes, with the most fashionable trends being displayed by the most affluent members of society, and then as they lose their exclusivity it will begin to show up among the rest of the population as the upper-classes become immersed in the next fad.

While fads will most often lose popularity and fade away after a certain period of time, some fads are able to become almost institutionalized within society and become fashions (Millar, 2013, p. 228). These are the types of fads that will be useful in explaining how New Year’s Resolution’s to get in shape have gone from...

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