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When I was a young girl I didn’t really see myself as ever being a college student and yet here I am. There are many things that have made and continue to make this a difficult journey for me. I’ve suffered through quite a lot of hardships along the way which in turn led to my delayed enrollment. Also, being a mother and a college student has made finishing (especially in a timely manner) a great challenge. As if all of that were not enough to sway my continuance in earning my degree, being able to afford it has been one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. Money is not something I have an abundance of and in most cases it takes an abundance of it to pay for a college education. The question I keep asking myself is, is it worth all of the trouble and stress?
In our advanced society earning a college education is an extremely important part of the learning process that everyone should be included in. So to answer my question I will try and take into consideration the views from the three main theories of sociologist and educators: the functionalist, the conflict-theorist, and the symbolic interactionist.
Conflict-theorist views the reasons for education as sustaining social inequality and maintaining the power of those who override society. They examine the identical purposes of learning as od functionalists. Functionalists view learning as a beneficial contribution to an ordered humanity; however, conflict theorists see the educational scheme as perpetuating the rank quo by dulling the smaller classes into being obedient employees.
Both functionalists and conflict theorists accept that the educational scheme practices sorting, but they disagree about how it enacts that arranging. Functionalists assertion that schools sort based upon merit; conflict- theorists contend that schools sort along distinct class...

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