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College, A Time Of Discovering Personal Attributes

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The college experience takes on various perspectives while people are going through the rigorous times. So people cherish the moment and others can’t handle the pressure of the tasks put forth with college. The college experience, in my opinion, is a span of time when an individual has the chance to find valuable personal attributes that will stick with them their whole lifetime. The beneficial personal attributes discovered in college include; new communications, an advanced education, and improved life lessons.
An individual discovers the personal attribute of new communications during their college tenure that proves to be beneficial through life. When in college, people have the chance ...view middle of the document...

An individual in college has the chance to find a more advanced education that is a helpful personal aspect that stays with someone. In college, students are able to choose what they want to learn that is supposed to progress the person to perusing their major. The education in all colleges are superb and immensely helpful to life’s challenges than any other lower education level. The education in college allows people to become their own individual in some aspect by allowing people to search and seek for what interests them. This provides for students to find interests in undiscovered subjects, gain advanced knowledge, form new opinions, and achieve their major. My view on education in college is that it sticks and becomes more important than the basic and standard material taught in the public school system. The education in college is to find a job while the public school system it’s to just progress to the next level. The education sought in college is a helpful personal aspect to an individual because it will be used in an individual’s entire life to find a job and understand the world better.
When a person is in college, they have the opportunity to find new life lessons, which is a...

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