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The Conflicts Of Contextual Success

This paper intends to show that in the recent decades, the design in concerts halls have been taking different approaches. There are two common design approaches for these buildings: A contextual and respectful relationship to its surroundings, and a non-contextual divergence from its surroundings. Which of these approaches are more successful? Some assumptions that can be made:
• That the acoustics in the halls are optimized to the design of the structure, being able to carry sound across the hall is almost as important as the over-all appeal.
• Assuming that contextual relationships are preferred, or even required, due to historical designs.
• The design of the building does not need to include climate due to today’s technological advances.
In a personal point of view, a contextual relationship towards a structures surrounding are more successful. To be contextual with its surroundings a building doesn’t have to be identical to the last. The textbook definition of contextual allows for the structure to represent its surroundings physically and...

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