College Admission Essay For A Doctorate Of Geophysics

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I am applying to Department of Geology and Geophysics, Texas A&M University to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Geophysics starting in Fall 2014 semester. I am interested in Reservoir Geophysics, particularly in Rock Physics, AVO and inversion of seismic data. I am excited by the prospect of conducting research and developing my technical competencies in Geophysics, and I believe I would make an excellent doctoral candidate.

My exposure in Reservoir Geophysics started since I took the “Seismic Inversion for Reservoir Characterization” class being taught by Prof. Dr. Ir. Sigit Sukmono, M.Sc. in my undergraduate degree. My undergraduate thesis topic is about seismic inversion and ...view middle of the document...

For the last years, my position as Reservoir Geophysics Specialist has been ideal for exploring my ideas and passion in Reservoir Geophysics. I have used Hampson-Russell, Jason, RokDoc, Petrel and other software for most of the projects at UTC. Most of my projects include Quantitative Seismic Interpretation work such as Rock Physics Analysis & Modeling, AVO analysis, and seismic attribute analysis. I maintain an active interest in Reservoir Geophysics by participating in Guest Lecture program of HAGI (Indonesian Association of Geophysicists). This program is created as a Geophysics education development in Indonesia. The association helps university’s Geophysical curriculum updated with industry’s current technology by inviting lecturers from the industry. I became more interested in teaching activities, as an internal lecturer for the new employee training program in PT. Pertamina. Most of my lecture topics are Reservoir Geophysics. I also wrote several papers in Reservoir Geophysics. The latest paper, “Seismic Rock Physics of the South Sumatra Basin Coal, Indonesia” was published in the 11th SEGJ International Symposium 2013 Proceedings at Yokohama, Japan.

The current issue in my company is the declining rate of oil production. Pertamina’s total production in 2012 is 165.9 MMBOE (67.3 MMSTB of oil, 2.1 MMSTB of condensate, and 559.4 BSCF of gas). This number of production will absolutely decrease for the next years. The contigent resources of oil is 952.6 MMSTB and the contigent resources of gas is 6,292.9 BSCF. As the state-owned energy enterprise, Pertamina claimed by the government to increase its oil production. In the other hand, the room for exploration activities is limited by the goverment rules. Thus, Pertamina has to maximize its existing fields production – most of them are mature fields. Given the rapid advances in exploration and...

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