College Admission Essay: My Love For Learning

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I dreamt of walking on Commonwealth Ave. I envisioned myself entering the Morse Auditorium, books in hand, eager to learn. Ever since I had visited the eclectic city of Boston in 2006, I knew it was the right fit for me. I knew that the city itself, along with the remarkable academic resources that Boston University offers would allow me to grow socially and mentally. Until this day I ask questions on end from my comrades at the BU, impatient to learn more and more about their lives on and off campus. From all the feedback I have received I have come to one conclusion: BU is the place where I will get a rich, broad background in all my studies. BU will give me the foundation and preparation I will need to enter any field of study.
There is one thing that sets me apart from my peers: my love for learning. Many high school students are motivated to do their work for the big, red, A marked on top of their assignment. A student is more than a hard worker. A real “student” must have a sincere love of what she learns, a genuine inquiry in what she is taught, and must maintain her ethics and principles throughout her journey. Based on these standards, I am a real student.
Coming from a traditional Persian family, my culture is one that places a strong emphasis on discipline, morals and ethics. I was raised by two loving parents who taught me to always put my integrity before anything. They taught me not to get caught up in the turmoil of the working world, but to honestly make my way...

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