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The opportunity to share myself via this personal statement has taken me more years than I care to admit to, but I have emerged a much more confident and capable person. As a young adult, fresh out of high school, I had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up. My parents are highly educated articulate people who made it look easy. Watching them move through life with confidence led me to believe that I should have felt more driven, or, smarter. I suspected that perhaps all of their intelligence and ability had bypassed me completely, had my own genetics let me down? The truth is I am just as smart and capable as they are; I am just a late bloomer. My father later told me that he ...view middle of the document...

During my years with Regional Cardiology, I was promoted often and I did not think I could have been happier with work. One of the providers later said “Why aren’t you a nurse already, you are wasting time.” and just like that, a dream was born.
When my daughters were teenagers, I took them, the cat and very little else and walked away from an abusive marriage. There was no help or support from their father; he abdicated his financial responsibility by slipping off the grid. I worked two jobs, seven days a week for years to earn enough money to keep a roof over our heads and clear up divorce debts. I have not been quiet with my daughters about this journey, if I had a proper education; I would never have had to work so hard. My fervent hope is that I have shown my daughters that with perseverance, you can achieve nearly anything. As my youngest left the house with a full ride to college, I paid off the last of my debt and dusted off my brains, it was time for mom to go to college as well. When I announced to my family that I was quitting my day job and headed off to college to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in nursing, nobody was surprised.
My years as a single mom have served me well. Having only myself to count on, I have discovered I am much stronger than I ever thought. It would be a lie to say that it was not difficult; I dealt with skin cancer and many cardioversions for AVNRT prior to having an ablation. I am delighted to share that I am 100% healthy. With my health intact and girls in college, I enrolled at SCC and took my first classes at 40. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. Discovering that attending college as a mature adult with a specific goal gives you a new level of organization, drive and perspective is amazing. I work roughly 25-30 hours a week, volunteer 8 hours a week and carry a 3.96 GPA. The tricky part to admit to here is that I am not the smartest student in my classes. I will say however, that I embrace this truth with pride. I have watched many of the brightest students flounder in situations where they have to think analytically about a situation and make a decision. Memorizing all of the details in a book or lecture will not serve one well if you cannot uniquely facilitate the...

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