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College Admissions Essay: Woman Of The Year

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Woman of the Year


"You have just been named the 2015 Man/Woman of the Year. For what achievement are you being honored, and how did your college education help you reach your goal?"


I sprint up the stairs to my shabby apartment, taking them two at time. I've had a long day at work and I need to jump into the shower before I meet a client for a dinner date. I fumble for the key with my right hand. When the stubborn door finally opens, I fly into the apartment and kick the door closed behind me. I punch the play button on my answering machine while getting ready to take a shower. The first message is from my client saying he will be a little late. Good. Ten extra minutes. The second message is the chairman of the Person of the Year contest telling me that I had been chosen as Woman of the Year. Okay, that's... wait, what? Me?


I drop the shampoo out of shock, but don't realize it until it hits my foot. The pain in my poorly pedicured big toe brings me back to reality. I hit rewind and listen to the message again. It says I have been chosen as Woman of the Year for my "relentless work supporting the children of the world."


I work as a child advocacy lawyer for abused and special needs children, but I never thought anyone took notice. An incredible warmth fills my body. The message said I work for the betterment of the children without thought of material...

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